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Ofer Nemirovsky Building Massive Back Bay Boston Home

Investment Executive Ofer Nemirovsky is creating largest living space in all of Boston by combining four Back Bay condominiums into one 24,000 square feet home. The price tag? $23 million.

Commonwealth Avenue in Boston is already home to some of the wealthiest Bostonians and their luxurious brownstone homes. Ofer Nemirovsky is taking the brownstone aesthetic one step further by combining four condominiums in the Exeter and Commonwealth buildings. He must not have liked how the brownstone apartments are tall but relatively thin, so he took matters into his own hands.

Ofer Nemirovsky’s mega-brownstone will have 15 bathrooms, a footbridge running through the apartment, a 27-foot, oval shaped library and an office for the house manager. The Warren Group, a real estate research group, says that Nemirovsky’s house is the largest in Boston in terms of square feet.

Ofer Nemirovsky and his wife Shelly have a flair for the flashy. They hired the B-52s to play at Ofer’s 48th birthday party and helped create the Esplanade Association’s annual Moondance gala and fundraiser.

Source: Boston Globe