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Oldhead1 Recognition Award

GroundReport is proud to give Oldhead1 a Recognition Award for his contribution to GroundReport.  Oldhead1 has posted 231 articles since he joined GroundReport in December 2008.  In September, he posted 11 new articles which generated thousands of page views.   Oldhead1’s passion is sports reporting.  He covers college and NFL football and has an avid following.

Oldhead1’s success on GroundReport is evidence that GroundReport can give ordinary people a platform on which to express themselves and reach a large English language audience. 

 The other September Recognition Award winners are:


                Moksha G

Vijay Kumar

                Syed Ali Mutjtaba Syed

                Stella Paul

                Mohan Nepali


                Matt Schafer

                Betsy Ross



We will be profiling each of them over the next couple of weeks.


These awards are made possible through a grant from an anonymous benefactor.  The advertising revenue generated by the site is used to fund its computer infrastructure and technical support and development.    Each award winner will receive $30 via Paypal.  Paypal is the only economical way to transfer the money so all GR reporters need to add a Paypal Address to their profile.  

Groundreport is committed to providing a free platform on which all journalists can have a voice and all points of view and interests across the spectrum are represented.


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