Ole Miss Prepares For KKK Presence At The Debate

Ole Miss Prepares For KKK Presence At The Debate

Tonight at 9PM EST, the first United States Presidential debate between Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona. The state where the debate will take place is in the state of Mississippi. The debate will take place at the Ole Miss campus.

However, there have been some concerns raised about the location. Due to Obama’s multiracial heritage, it considered to be symbolic in regards to the history that surrounds Ole Miss. But, there have been talks about members of the Ku Klux Klan attending the debate.

According to forty-six year old Richard Greene, the Imperial Wizard of the Mississippi Knights of the KKK, the members in attendance will not be wearing any robes or be making a scene. But, he said that the number of KKK members in attendance will not be revealed.

Greene said that there will be no protests or cross burnings. He said that the KKK no longer resorts to violence in order to send a message.

Mark Potok, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, has something different to say. Potok said that it was nonsense in what Greene said about violence.

But, Greene said that the members in attendance will pass out pamphlets and applications for those that share the views of the KKK. Not surprisingly, Greene and the rest of the KKK will not vote for a Black candidate.

They’re the KKK, what would you expect?

One KKK leader anonymously said: “Locally, every place that has come under black rule has declined, and has declined sharply.”

While Ole Miss is bracing for a presence of the KKK, the hate group (KKK) continues to lose power and influence. One student said that both white and black students will band together and protest against the KKK.

However, there is still prejudice present at Ole Miss. Jeremiah Taylor, an African-American student at Ole Miss expressed his concerns. Taylor recalls how he attended a party and a partygoer made a scene saying that a non-white was there. He had fears that there will be students at campus that may be attracted to the KKK’s message.

Overall, the people of Ole Miss are preparing for the presence of KKK members at the debate sent in under two hours. While the group is not welcome, they will be attending the debate.