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Present Biography of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is now  renowned country around the world for hot weather, politics, natural disaster, necessity food price rate, food deficit, hidden hunger , some individual character  and as a mysterious  country . No one suspected about Bangladesh what happened in future.


Temperature is very high in Bangladesh. People are suffering very much. Especially children fallen various type of disease. Dead somebody by heat stock. Weather authority not announces any positive news. They suspected this hot temperature continue some days and may be temperature increase. In this circumstance power fail again and again. Every one hour load shedding continues in Bangladesh. People are suffering very much .


Like temperature political situation is also very hot and uncertain in Bangladesh. Emergency continue and breaks human right every time. Last we heard that high court not give bell the prisoner. Its real fact that’s no one tell what’s happen in Bangladesh and people doubt that election will not continue appropriate time and if election will held major parties boycott that election and election will not credible .


 Everyone knows Bangladesh is famous for natural disaster. We face, flood, cyclone and now we face burning temperature. In every time we overcome our problem. Last year we face huge food deficit and in this year our farmer get huge BORO rice and the time is coming to bring the paddy farmers home . So we need ordinary weather. This circumstance we need to help from almighty Allah and pray to him just natural weather. We do not want any storm, cyclone, flood or other natural disaster, rather we want nature should treat us very generally and we overcome our entire problem.


 In that case we have needed to obey rules and regulation of Islam and continue our life according to Quran. If almighty Allah wants to punish us no one saved us.  So fear Allah and try to satisfy him to obey his order and saved Bangladesh. If government and agent of other countries try to do anything against Holy Quran and Sunna and established Bangladesh as a secular country Almighty Allah destroy this country and punished us. Never fallen the trap of our enemy. They always try to unstable our country and they engaged some agent and capture some media for complete their mission. We the people’s republic of Bangladesh and Muslim should protect their conspiracy and saved our country. So I personally urge the supreme authority don’t try to do anything that’s not like almighty Allah and save our country to satisfy our creator. Last we request every power in the world don’t try to game with Bangladesh. We fourteen core people always awake and ready to sacrifice our life for our motherland Bangladesh and saved our country from any kind of crisis InshaAllah .