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Provincial Minister lamented for wrong statement

 Provincial Minster lamented for blaming NGO for nepotism.


CHITRAL:  Residents of Oveer area  of upper Chitral strongly criticized statement of Provincial Minster for population welfare Saleem Khwn who charged false allegations on  Chitral Integrated Area Development Program (CIADP) supporting by Norwegian government financially and working for uplifting of Chitral especially neglected areas like Oveer etc. Talking to local journalists former Nazim union council Nasir Ali Shah, Anwarul Haq, Yakhya Ali Khan and other said that during a meeting with members of Chitral Development Network (CDN)  with Provincial Minster Saleem Khan at his office Peshawar he alleged CIADP for by passing elected representatives and for working in Chitral without proper counseling of elected members parlimant.. Residents of Oveer and members of CDN condemned statement and allegation of Saleem Khan and termed it false, baseless and biased one totally. They said that  it seems that Saleem Khan want to pressurize Thrive and CIADP to work  on his gesture only for his near and dears one to gain his political benefit and to support his colleagues and blue eyed persons. They said that CIADP working in those neglected areas where there  no elected representative have kicked developmental network like Oveer and residents of those area are still living below poverty line and totally deprived from all basic amenities and human facilities.

They said that politicians also using Non Governmental Organizations for their personal interest and wants to gain some benefits as a result poverty not alleviated despite spending a huge fund in Chitral. They alleged that Provincial Minister Saleem Khan always violating merit policy in recruitments at different government departments but now he claims merit policy. Principally he should not any interference in NGOs fund. They said that Saleem Khan wasted 4 years in provincial assembly but he did nothing for people of Chitral except of his increasing  personal property and now he causing strain in the way of development because of his personal benefit. They said that Saleem Khan should to confess of his failure and withdraw his statement about nepotism in CIADP. They said that so many developmental projects are under process by CIADP financially supporting by Norway as a result a developmental network will be kicked in the area and if these developmental projects were affected by this false and baseless allegations of Provincial Minster Saleem Khan so residents of the area will be compel to protest on a large scale against Saleem Khan Chitrali.  They said that Saleem Khan should to appreciated these foreign funded organizations who supporting neglected areas of Chitral if he sincere to his nation.


World mother tongue day celebrated in Chitral.


Unjumani Taraqi Khowar celebrated world mother tongue day at town Hall Chitral. Assistant coordination Officer Tanveer Ahmad was chief guest on the occasion while the ceremony was presided over by Maulana Naqeebullah Razi president of Unjumani Taraqi Khowar. Speakers on the occasion presented their papers and declared that some 14 languages are  speaking in Chitral like Khowar, Palola, Kalasha, Ursoonwar, Gawarbut, Pashto, Goshti, Dari, Dangariwar,  Sheikhwar, Yadgha, Wahi, Shina, Balti, Guri, Gujari,  They said that Khowar is main language of majority of Chitral people but unfortunately it not supporting by the authorities. They said that UTK is trying of its best to promote and preserve these languages. Those who spoke on the occasion were Salahuddin, Basharat Iqbal, Sherin Khan advocate, Gul Murad Hasrat, Javed Akram, Jang Bahadar Jang, Maula Nigah Niga, Gul Nawaz Khaki, Inayatullah Shahzad, Afzalullah Afzal, Tanveer Ahmad, Naqeebullah Razi etc.


Chitrali labor suicide in Gilgit.

A Chitrali labor Sher Ali suicide in Gilgit by hanging himself in an under construction building hence reasons behind his suicide could not ascertain.

Dead body of an other Chitral reached from Iran. According to detail a Chitrali boy Sher Ali son of Gul Maat Khan resident of Begosht Garamchishma was serving in the clinic of a lady doctor. He was electrocuted and was died on the spot. Dead body of Sher Ali 20 reached to his native town after 9 days where he will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

Meanwhile PTCL and DSL broadband not working properly in Chitral district.. it was also out of order for 20 days in the month of January but PTCL sent bill of complete month and consumers were not compensated. People of Chitral demand from high ups of PTCL to improve ptcl and DSL broadband service and compensate consumers for 20 days during the month of January because there was no service due to media failure for 20 days.



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