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Psoriasis May Be Your Messenger of Internal Toxic Buildup

Psoriasis: An Indicator of Systemic Problems.

The following information has been gathered and compiled through personal experience while traveling, teaching T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese Herbal medicine, martial arts and other health related subjects.  The article also contains feedback from students and anecdotal information from readers of my columns.  The following are my opinions and deductions from those sources.

As stated in my other articles on health of the skin, most skin problems, including psoriasis, are an indication of toxic buildup internally.  Psoriasis indicates a malfunction or overload problem involving the liver.  If you treat the cause and improve the function of the liver, you’ll find that the psoriasis problem will also improve, and probably disappear.

Skin conditioners and cosmetics only treat the symptoms and don’t address the underlying cause(s). 

Waste products are broken down, filtered and and sent to the organs of elimination by the liver and kidneys.  If these organs aren’t working correctly there will be internal toxic buildup.  Sweat is made up primarily of waste materials.  If the pores of the skin are clogged, the waste material is recycled through the body.  The skin is one of the last organs of elimination and if waste products require recycling, they have to go against the flow, so to speak.  If the waste is not eliminated, it will collect in the major body organs and cause, or contribute to, diseases.

Regular bowel movements are the number one step toward elimination of internal toxic buildup.  Ground flax seed works for everyone I know where irregular bowel movements are a problem.  You must increase your intake of water, other fluids aren’t a replacement for good, clean water, if you use flax seed, psyllium seed or psyllium hulls as a bulking agent.  Water is necessary as a constituent of hemoglobin for oxygen uptake and the subsequent delivery at the cellular level.  See my article on    Depression And The RBC Hemoglobin Ring for more information.

Vitamin C and Magnesium, taken with a full glass of water to bowel tolerance, also relieves constipation for most people I know.  Usually, it requires a tablespoon of each to be effective.  Common iceplant, which is full of vitamins and minerals, eaten raw will also usually relieve even the most stubborn case of constipation.  Very seldom is constipation a personal problem but if it is, I find iceplant to be the best remedy.  Be sure you find a source that is uncontaminated, away from streets and highways and where water pollution isn’t a problem.  I find the taste is agreeable, although a little too salty, and that a small handful is sufficient to do the job.  I’ve never had a problem with diarrhea when using iceplant, which may not be the case when ingesting supplements to bowel tolerance.

Drinking eight full glasses of water per day is essential to overall health, health of the skin and elimination of psoriasis.  Coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol and fruit juices, especially those with any form of sugar added, will not take the place of water.

Pork and pork products contribute to psoriasis.  There are no long established diets, thousands of years of success, that include any pork.  If you want to eliminate psoriasis, and keep it out of your life, you have to eliminate pork from your diet first, and forever. 

Eliminating or drastically reducing foods high in sugars both natural and otherwise, and foods high in starches, will speed the healing of the psoriasis problem.  If you reintroduce one food at a time after the psoriasis patches disappear, you can pinpoint the foods that are problems for you.  Any products that contain added sugars, like sodas, cakes, pies, candy, ice cream and most canned foods, should be eliminated permanently if your objective is to be free from psoriasis.  Check the labels, anything that ends in “ose” (fructose, sucrose, etc.) is a sugar.  HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, is especially damaging to the recovery from psoriasis.