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This August will be the anniversary of Amendment 19, guaranteeing women the right to vote — an event that marks the downfall of political discourse in the American experience.

Why, you ask? Because before the suffrage was granted to women, elections were about political platforms, policy, and positioning of a candidate on such constitutional aspects as foreign policy, currency, domestic budget, taxes and soforth.

That’s ALL it was basically about, with rare exceptions.

Now, with women as a population within the voting ranks, almost half the issues discussed on the news are hardly pertinent issues. It’s rubbish such as, “did he have a fling?”  or “I don’t like her as first lady” or “I’m offended by that word he said” or “Ew icky, I don’t like his voice”

Bill Clinton  and  the intern,  Anthony Weiner and the photos, and a whole  host of other  crap wouldn’t even be reported on if it was male only elections. Men don’t care about all that tabloid talk — and that’s what it is, tabloid talk.

Look at the front of a women’s magazine and you’ll see headlines about what actress is too skinny, who gained weight, who is seeing who, who changed her hair. Nothing about the actual JOB that they do –like singing, or how their last movie performance went, or how well they mixed their last record from a technical standpoint.  This is because women care more about frivolous malarky than men.

Even men have been effected by women’s voting, because since women are such a huge block in elections, men HAVE TO address personal attacks, or make personal attacks, or else they won’t gather women’s support.

This is why we get disasters as presidents, governors, and senators. It’s because if he’s too fat, too short, or too this or that, he has no chance.  A quick look at all the presidents before 1920, and  you’ll not many are ugly, hairy, fat, short, and have a multitude of personal ills. Yet, the budget was basically balanced, we had strong money, economic growth for sustain yrs, and there wasn’t a laundry list of nanny state regulations passed.

Had men only had the right to participate in the past election, Romney and Obama wouldn’t have even been candidates. They look like movie stars. Women are despicable voters. They can’t be bothered to focus for more than a second on actual foreign policy, without being distracted by the guys’ choice in his ties, or  if he said some harmless joke that they blow out of proportion which would be nothing but brushed off in the male locker rm, or construction site as simply banter.

The media has to cater to this insanity too. They add to it.  The next election will be no different.

For the sake of mankind…reverse women’s suffrage and get back to voting on actual POLICY.

Men of the nation unite! You have nothing to lose but shackles!