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Reuters Report- condom distrubtors reserve comment

Non governmental organisations have kept mum on the allegation by the Arch bishop of Mozambique that the condoms which come to Africa are tainted with HIV/AIDS to finish off the African people

Reuters carried a story alleging that the Arch Bishop had uttered the statements saying he knows some companies which are manufacturing the condoms.

Malawi, much hit by the virus has kept quiet on the report.

The story was published by many newspapers in Malawi and cocndom users thought condom manufacturing companies would condem the allegation.

During a meeting of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Malawi, one village headman pleaded with the organisation to lobby government to stop condom distribution.

He alleged that there is something wrong with condoms saying many people have died as a result of using condoms.

The silence has made people to conclude that the Bishop was speaking true things.

The Roman Catholic is a biggest religious organisation in Malawi.