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The Only Fully Automated Email Integration Solution in Salesforce

2835350339_290f12eb8f_zInstead of offering a cloud email integration solution like Match My Email, Salesforce.com continues to offer software as the only means of getting emails into their cloud.  These software plug-ins violate Salesforce.com basic promise of “No Software”.  As the leading cloud technology company in the world, I would have thought that Salesforce.com would have developed a solution to connect the Salesforce.com cloud with the email cloud.  Luckily, one company on the AppExchange, Match My Email, has done just that.

The Match My Email solution works seamlessly with both hosted and on-premise email ’clouds’ to provide fully automated email integration for Salesforce.com.  Because Match My Email is a NO SOFTWARE solution, it never has to be patched, upgraded or ported like software, all improvements are made in background, invisibly,  automatically. If you have experienced the typical performance issues with an Outlook plug-in like system crashes,  slow response times or frequent error messages, it is good to know that a cloud solution like Match My Email will free you from those productivity killers.

A major advantage of a cloud-based email integration solution is that it can create a 100% complete and accurate record of all email communications between your sales team and their customers inside Salesforce.com.  Having an email ‘system of record’ inside Salesforce.com means that it is easier to evaluate the probability of your sales forecast, easier to read the ‘email body language’ of your customers, easier to monitor email activity by sales rep and easier to create exception reports that highlight cold leads or opportunities that have had no email communication in the past week.

A major drawback of software plug-ins is that they only works when you are logged in and working within your email client. Outlook or Gmail. This means that if you are on vacation, sick, traveling, in a meeting or working on something else, your emails will not be synced and logged to Salesforce.com.   The same goes for your colleagues; the email log that they create in Salesforce.com is only as accurate and up-to-date as the last time they logged in Outlook and clicked the ‘Add to Salesforce’ button.   Manual plug-ins do not create real-time email logs in Salesforce.com and therefore don’t use Salesforce.com to its full advantage.  A fully automated cloud solution will do all the work of syncing and logging emails to Salesforce.com for you.

Remember, cloud solutions work with every email platform and device.  They are always on and fully automated.  And they are 100% complete and accurate.   If you use email in Salesforce, then you need to check out the Match My Email solution.