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Where to Ski And Snowboard In Chile

From North to South, Chile is endowed with some exciting skiing and snowboarding locations, naturally established for every lover of the game, including some excellent backcountry split boarding destinations.

If you are planning to take a break from summer, pack your bags and head south of the equator to ski and snowboard in Chile, here are 5 best places you will not want to miss.


Situated on the same Andean sub-range with Aconcagua, Portillo stands out with a set of unique features such as unobstructed steep and steeper fall lines. The stunning beauty of this area is the main reason why you should go skiing and snowboarding here.

Being at very high altitudes you may have a adjustment period where your body adapts to the thinner air. The weather can change quickly, be sure to dress for this, especially important is to layer your insulation for flexibility.

While offering one of the most charming backdrops anyone can ever imagine, this place features amazing lifts on the two sides of the valley above Lago del Inca.

Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado amazing ski region is one of the most highly recognized centers in South America. Valle Nevado provides boarders with an exciting snowboard terrain park, full modern services and a heliboarding option to some of the best-known terrains in the Andes region.

If you are looking to get deep into the high Andes, get a snowboarding but be ready for some long approaches. Most rewardingly, this is where you will find some of the best descents in central Chile. There is also som eof the best cross country skiing in the country here. Long trails that go through stunning valleys are some of the reasons to try it here. Unfortunately they have limited rentals, best to bring your own skis.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort in Chile
Valle Nevado Ski Resort in Chile

El Colorado

This triple-threat Mecca of shredding is an inviting place you will most likely call home due to its closeness to the town of Farrellones. Accessing the backcountry area of Santa Teresita is visible through El Colorado. This is an interesting ski area where you can only find South America’s best chairlift/road accessed backcountry. El Colorado also provides skiers with amazing cliffs and pure powder fall-lines.


Noted for its awesome weather and a good mix of spring and winter snow conditions, Pucon presents the most famous active volcanoes in South America. This one strip town offers an amazing view of the Villarrica Volcano that practically dominates every vista in town on a bright and sunny day.

Unarguably, the main reason of coming to this beautiful place is to take a snowboarding course and get to the active, belching crater of the volcano. You stand to get a surreal experience when split boarding toward the activate Villarrica. Get a chance to see a handful of other massive volcanoes – Lonquimay, Mocho, Lanin, etc. – from the rim of the Pucon volcano.


Although the lifts here are not as active as the rest, this old spot offers unending snowboarding options. There is rarely another place in the world that offers better chances to summit a volcano after snowboarding among Monkey Puzzle trees (Araucaria forest) the same day. No doubt, Corralco is one of the Chile’s most amazing snowboard destinations.