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Solar Industry Spurs Job Growth

Solar Job Explosion

Solar power has come a long way since it was first invented.  Prices are falling and panels are becoming more efficient.  Solar is creeping up quickly on the oil and gas industry.  This technology will transform our lives.  Fossil fuel independence is no longer a dream.  Solar technology advantages far outweigh the negative.  

The renewable energy industry has created tens of thousands of jobs.  There are positions for every level.  A highly educated electrical engineer can easily find a job in the solar industry.  Jobs are not limited to high tech positions.  Installers, designers and sales infrastructure is needed.  The solar industry is creating more jobs then the oil and gas sector.  This information comes from a recent article published in CNN Money.

Declining Gas Prices

Gas and oil prices continue to decline.  Job growth in this sector is limited to certain regions of the country.  States like Texas and North Dakota have seen a recent boom in shale related jobs. People who do not live in the area are forced to relocate in order to work in this industry.  The work is dangerous and the hours are long.  “I work 2 weeks at time and then I am home for a week. The money is really good but the life is rough.  I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like”, exclaims Tim Howard a safety supervisor for a Texas oil company.     

Solar jobs are everywhere.  Millions of homes and businesses need to be retrofitted all over the country.  States like Maine and Massachusetts are adopting solar.  Install crews are needed in every city and every state.  Job growth will come from other sectors that service solar.  Manufacturing supply chains will create thousands of jobs as well.  Warehouse space is needed to store solar panels.   Truck drivers are needed to make solar equipment deliveries.  Job growth is almost unlimited.   

Solar Creates Jobs

The solar industry is creating many startups.  210SolarAdvisor.com is one such company.  210SolarAdvisor matches San Antonio, Texas homeowners with the best local solar provider.  This small innovative company plans to hire a sales force to grow its business.  The company provides its people with ongoing sales training.  The business plans to focus primarily on solar marketing using online and offline tactics.   

Solar job growth is being driven by local incentives.  The Renewable Energy Act requires that power plants produce 25% of their energy from sources such as wind, hydro or solar.  This move has enticed electric utility providers to grant solar rebates for customers who go green.  Local rebates enable solar contractors more sales.  More sales means more local jobs.  A 30% tax credit from the IRS is also spurring growth.  Early adopters of solar can save up to 50% with local and national rebates.