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South Sudan Idea to join East Africa Community losses Value

The South Sudan long dialogue over joining the East Africa Community, has touched, the interest of the Speaker of National Legislative Assembly James Wani Igga, last week in a Parliamentary sitting, Igga released a word concerning the importance of been part of the community. The most interesting thing Igga spoke was gaining experience. He said East Africa community has moved ahead in terms of development and education. “Been part of part of East Africa Community will make us learn a lot, but we still need to compare the advantages and the disadvantages” Igga was quoted.  

And it has made many South Sudanese to take their children to Kenya and Uganda for education. Igga called the Mps and citizens to assess the importance of becoming a member of EAC before the Government could take a decision of applying for the membership. South Sudan before the declaration of the Independence last year 9th July has shown much interest, but now the interest is losing value due to too much criticism. Analysis   was carried out by experts and the experts came with both negative and positive impacts of the decision to been part of East Africa.

According to the reports from those experts, South Sudan will lose many job position and revenue collection along the borderline. EAC policy regulates less immigration fees for the citizens among the East Africa Countries and also their policy regulate equally job opportunity to the citizens within the EAC regardless of the Country one comes belong. It means that even Kenyans, Ugandans can work in South Sudan at the National positions. And real they take advantage as they learned more than South Sudanese; South Sudanese spent much of their time liberating the country from Khartoum. The long civil war has closed many youth from going to school.

All this has made the government to withhold its application to EAC, but the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni dropped a question on the fate of South Sudan in joining the East Africa Community. South Sudan has expressed hope to be part of the East Africa community, but there is need to compare the benefits, impotents and the impacts, the Speaker of National Legislative Assembly Rt. James Wani Igga said.

Igga shared importance of joining the EAC in a closed door meeting with Museveni after the celebration of the 49th anniversary of Uganda independence in Kampala, he told MPs last week.

Igga said that they also discussed the commitment of Sudan to join the East Africa Community. Sudan under President Bashir has submitted their application, demanding to be part of the EAC, but the application is pending approval. According to Igga, Museveni asked South Sudan on whether Khartoum should part of East Africa. According to Igga Khartoum is part of the Arab League.

Igga, Museveni meeting discussed topics capacity building, establishment of hydro electricity power, construction of the roads network and business relation, Igga disclosed. Museveni said that the Hydro electricity, roads and human resource are the road map to development and urged the Government of South Sudan to focus on the three things in the shortest time. He assured that Ugandan Government will support South Sudan via capacity building.

 Igga to trip to Uganda was to represent Salva Kiir on the celebration of Uganda 49th anniversary of independence. Igga apologies to the Ugandans as Kiir did not attend the celebration in person Igga said that his President was committed on the discussion with Khartoum over oil, citizenship and border demarcation. Kiir and did not reach any agreement with Khartoum over oil transit. The routine Addis Ababa talks ended in deadlock, but still the two partners will commit themselves to the discussion on the 6th march 2012.

Igga said that the Parliament will sit to decide on whether South Sudan should be part of East Africa. He said that South Sudan cannot be part another community far away before joining the nearest community. He urged the MPs to consider the important of neighbors. He said that South Sudan will gain a lot of experience from EAC. “We will join any community around the world, but need to know the benefits” Igga continued.

Igga said he slam allegation of mistreating Ugandans in South Sudan, he said that the Museveni told them that accepted and said that any country that comes from war faces challenge as their soldiers and police didn’t understand the laws. Museveni said that slowly South Sudan will copy with the world in respect of human rights.

The delegation to Uganda led by Igga visited farms in Uganda to learn different ways of farming. Igga said that they visited the home town of Museveni Mbarara. And that they checked on livestock farming. He said that there is need for South Sudan to adopt modern way of farming. He said they took studies on cross breading. He said that he brought for himself some exotic bulls to crossbreed his cattle.