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South Sudan, Sudan border Demarcation Kick

South Sudan Chief Negotiator to Addis Ababa talks and Secretary General of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Mr. Pagan Amum last week in a press conference held at the SPLM Southern Sector have disclosed that they reached two agreements with Sudan Government. “We have agreed on border demarcation and rights of residence for the citizens of the two states” Amum continued.

The agreements have granted both citizens the freedom of the movement, freedom to undertake economic activities, freedom to acquire and dispose properties and freedom of residence. He said that they agreed to establish high level committee to discuss the pending the issues of the citizenship that will include the issue of pension for the South Sudan who saved in the Sudan Government.

Amum said that the agreement stated that citizens of both countries have all rights to own resources in both countries; the means South Sudanese in Khartoum will have rights to own houses, employment opportunities, and business, the same to the Northerners in the Sudan. He said that South Sudan Embassy in Khartoum will help the committee in outlining the challenges facing South Sudanese living in Sudan.

He said that the border demarcation will commence immediately after the establishment of the two committees and that the programs be will funded by the both states. “Upon the completion of the comprehensive plan, including the budget, each state will pay its equal financial obligation towards the budget as follows; seventy percent within one week of the adoption of the plan and budget, fifteen percent with one month of the adoption of the plan and budget and fifteen percent within two months of the adoption of the plan and budget” Amum disclosed.