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How to Start a Workout Routine for the First Time

How to Start a Workout Routine for the First Time

Congratulations! Now that you have decided to take better care of your body and get fit, the most important task is done already. You have will and motivation. Without which, the fitness process is a tardy one. But there are a few predetermined things even the top gyms in Dubai don’t teach you. Being a newbie, you might not be aware of them, therefore, here is a round up of what you need to know before starting your first workout routine.

HIIT It Hard

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the backbone of any weight loss journey. The process involves rapid sessions of high intensity workouts with minimal breaks. HIIT has the potential to burn maximum amount of calories in a minimal amount of time, making it one of the favorite methods at fitness centers in Dubai.

Posture Matters

During exercise, the wrong posture can be a deal breaker, and can even cause severe long-term injury. It is crucial that you are aware of the right posture for the particular exercise you are performing. Being new to gyms, you might not be familiar with how to execute the workouts and the use of equipment. It is highly advised to ask the instructor at your gym for help. Almost all the fitness clubs in Dubai have well-trained coaching staff to guide you when needed.

Take a Break Between Sets

When you first start out a workout regime, excitement is natural. The passion to do more and go beyond the limit is, although admirable, also a major cause of injuries. Take a break between sets. Overexerting yourself will not help you get anywhere anytime soon.

Ditch Routine

If ever there was a thing that killed passion, it was routine. In order to keep your motivation intact, mix things up from time to time. Ditch the gym and go running for a few days. Stop running and start swimming for a change. Even within the gym, use a combination of exercises to keep things interesting.

Rest Rest Rest

When you are working out, you are basically putting your muscles under more stress than they can tolerate. This sometimes causes tearing of the tissues. Resting promotes restoration and healing of these muscles and tissues. If you provide your body with adequate rest days, your fitness journey will be much smoother.

Enjoy DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is going to be your biggest problem for the first few weeks. Take your initial days easily and DOMS will be manageable for you. Put too much strain on your body and you will find yourself making a noise with every move. The pain is just your muscles adjusting to the new level of stress. It will go away soon, but in the meantime, rest as much as you can and keep your workouts light.

Starting out an exercise regime is daunting yet exciting. With the right aptitude, it is rewarding process. Check out connect.ae for the best gyms in Dubai.