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T.J. Lane not a potential Gunman



The Gunman from the Monday Morning Shooting at Chardon High School, Ohio, was not a potential Gunman, Officials say. T J Lane (17) opened fire around 7.30 am in the school cafeteria. He shot at Teachers and Students, wounding 3 and killing 2. After the first Shots were fired, Teachers and Students barricaded themselves inside classrooms.


A Teacher reportedly chased the Gunman out of the Building. He was caught by Police Officers about 2 miles from School Campus.


More Victims were found in many different Locations inside the School, Police Officials say. They suppose that he was targeting specific people.

Classmates describe him as a quiet and sad Person. He didn’t belong to any particular gang. 


His Friends were shocked when they heard that he was the guy who fired shots at them. 


T.J. Lane remains in Police Custody