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Talking Points on ObamaCare

With all the suspense and theatre which have been the hallmark of this week’s media coverage on the state challenges which have been brought before the U.S. Supreme Court this past week over ObamaCare, I hope when the justices are drawing their lines in the sand, at least a few random thoughts occur to them during their deliberations…other than the precedence such massive legislation will mean to the citizens of this country diametrically opposed to the tenants of freedom upon which this country was founded, namely:

1.  If ObamaCare should pass in its present form, including the individual mandate, will Congress then initiate needed legislation to exempt citizens whose religious beliefs are in conflict with this legislation, such as the Christian Scientists and those who practice the "New Age" Scientology "religion?"  Will those bills require the payment of a fee for a needed "waiver" under the provisions of this bill?

2. Will there be tax credits given dollar for dollar for every cent Americans pay for both their health insurance, or for those charges which are not covered under the "cut rate" plans many will be able to afford, other than those who presently in this current economy can afford no additional out of pocket expenditures for medical costs under their own budgets?

3.  Will foreigners in this country, whether legal or illegal, be required also to carry health insurance so that the costs of their medical treatment are not passed on to the American public?

4.  Will credits be given to those living in states which have historically had income, sales and property taxes which go into the states general funds which were meant to also provide for the building and maintenance for many of the public health care clinics and hospitals? 

Will monies be refunded to all those property owners whose taxes have gone to pay those costs in the past?  What about those states that also inflict added taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and the like to also fund those state funded programs for low income children’s costs (such as Arizona, which has an added cigarette tax earmarked for health care?). 

Not to mention those sums which have been paid in order to subsidize over the years the educational costs of most of those American (and foreign, at this point) university trained doctors?

5.  Will all those grants given to public and private universities training those doctors and health care professionals stop, and state taxes to the public then be reduced accordingly?

6.  Will the federal government then monitor rate increases throughout the country in order to also make sure that those citizens are getting the health care that their dollars are paying for?  Will profits be closely monitored, or will the loosey goosey regulation that has been in existence since health care insurance was first offered to the public continue in the name of "capitalism" and "free markets?"

7.  Will Congress and those in state and federal office also agree to forego their taxpayer paid blue ribbon health care policies, and maintain policies in accordance with the median American worker paying those taxes for their coverage?

8.  Will there be insurance boards set up throughout the country so that there is a complaint system which does not involve hiring lawyers in order to challenge any denials of coverage, or refusals for those companies that use outlandish rates in order to discourage those with pre-existing conditions from obtaining coverage (i.e., setting those costs so high that only the wealthy could afford to pay them?).

9.  And the biggest question of all – since many insurance companies are now "globally" focused and "owned" with shares being sold on the global exchange, will the American people in total be treated as a class, and their rates far lower than those of most developed nations as a result (since health insurance actually was, once again, an American invention?).  Or due to the piss poor dollar exchange rate being "globally" determined, will they be paying for the health care costs for the rest of the world?

Those are just a few, but there has been widespread media coverage on whether or not those justices decision will be a reflection of the Court, if the final outcome breaks down along political lines.

Party lines which were never, ever meant to be under our existing Constitution and form of government.

Many in the media, it seems, are directing all their energies at this point to defending the Court, no matter which way the final opinion goes, building the suspense – which appears this stage managed circus will continue until June, when the final gavel is struck.

But what is really going on is that in this land of the free, not only are Americans taxed now on what they earn and spend, but it appears that the agenda is to now determine just what their discretionary income must be spent on – without any real regulation over the costs of those expenditures except in the federal or state courts – which, due to such legislation, the average American also cannot afford to use – or is at such a horrendous disadvantage because their own premium dollars will eventually be used against them.

And state statutes, of course, so heavily weighed toward the "freedom" of corporations, or corporate structures after paying their "fee" to the government for their existence.  Our political system is geared, after all, at this point more toward the "corporate" than the "individual" even with respect to the Bill of Rights due to past opinions rendered by this Court.

It does seem at this point Americans have the best government money can buy…and as the lobbyists and special interests buy more and more for their political and monetary advantage, more and more are being made homeless and will be then at risk but without health care.

The ramifications are endless…if this issue is not tackled "by the book" (Constitutionally), rather than politically…

Health care IS a right (life) for Americans, but instead it appears while our taxpayer dollars are and have been spent on training foreign doctors, and treating foreign citizens for many, many years…Americans once again will be picking up the tab again.

Or possibly be in the bankruptcy courts, privatized jails or offering up their first born children instead.