Life they say is a stage. It’s like a play or role-play that is shown in movies. We all are actors in the stage of life movie. We come in at any particular time, play our different roles an exit when the light is off. That is life and living for us all. In the movie and play of life, we meet different types of men at all times. The type of men you meet and mingle with decides the type of life you live or how well you live your life on earth. We are going to see different types of men that we can meet while on this journey of life. The list of types of men we meet as captured by this write up is not exhaustive, but will capture to a large extent different types of men that we meet while running the race of life.

(a)            Those who add value to our lives:  Some men we meet add value to our lives. They are men with good virtues, good home upbringing, and highly disciplined people. When you come in contact with such people, your life sees light and automatically you add value to your life and living makes sense to you. They are the type of men that make you realize your dreams in a positive way without soiling your hands or delving into immorality and evil lifestyle.

(b)            Those who subtract from your life: This group of men are not ready to and will never add anything good to your life. They are parasites and chronic ones at that. You find them around you because they believe there is something they will gain from you. They are the “What do you have for us” type of friends. You are their friends because you are always there for them when any need arises. Once you are not ready and able to assist them in anything that ends your relationship with them.

(c)             Those who leave you the way they meet you: This group is yet another type of men with meet in this life race. They come into your life, play with you, move around with you and they don’t subtract or add anything good or bad to your life. They are there for the sake of just being there. They don’t make any impact in your life when they are there or not it makes no difference.

(d)            Those who waste you: This group is almost like those who subtract from your life, but the difference here is that their impact on your life is more deadly than those who subtract from your life. They are known to waste your time, your resources, your talent, your abilities, your competencies, your skills and your person as well. These types of men do not come into your life with any good intention. From the onset, they have made up their minds that they are coming into your life to reduce you to nothing and until they actualize that they won’t leave.

(e)            Those who love you genuinely: Here we find men who love you with all their heart. They meet you, like you, like your type of person, like the type of work you do and like everything about you. These types of men will go out of their ways to make you succeed in life. They are happy when you are happy, sad when you are sad, rejoice when you do and take you to the innermost part of their hearts. They are your real friends. You may not know these kinds of men when things are going well for you. There are some of your friends today that you may think are in this group, but try and fake hard times and rough times and watch how many real friends you actually have.

(f)              Those who love what you have and not you: This is yet another group of men we find in our lives. This group loves you because of what they see around you. They love you because of your possessions, your abilities, your intelligence etc. These qualities are what attract them to you and not your personality. They love you for what you have, what you are and not who you are. This type of men leave you when they can’t find those things that attracted them to you in the first place.

(g)            Those who exploit you: Just like those who subtract from you and those who waste you and your resources, this group are your friends or get attached to you because they want to exploit you.

(h)            Those who bless you: This includes those who become blessing to you once they come into your life. Your association or relationship with them leads to your being blessed. People in this group include spiritual friends that pray for you at their quite time. Those who protect your interest even when you are not there. Your pastors also come into this group. They are always blessing you and praying for your good and interceding on your behalf even when you are not with them. Aside from prayers, men in this group can bless you with their finances, their goodwill and material things.

(i)               Those who kill you: These types of men are those who come into your life and kill you. Some men may waste your life, exploit you and subtract from you, but still leave you alive. But these men have the sole aim to destroy you and leave you dead. When one intentionally shuts your source of livelihood, he has already killed you, if he has his way with a gun, he will shoot you to death. Some go all out to hire assassins to kill you if they cant do it by themselves. This is true and such is life.

(j)              Those who push your away from God, your destiny , your dreams and your life desires: This last set of men are their to destroy you. They will do everything to push away from your divine purpose in life by making you to be far from your creator. They make you to forego your goals in life. They stop you and discourage you from following your dreams and your heart desires.