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The Basic Stages for Creating a Website

Creating a free website is easier than ever nowadays – you just need some free time and some basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Then again, if you want to create a website with a premium design, it will require a bit more than that. There are some things you need to pay attention to, and everything can be set up according to your own needs and accoring to your wallet, to put it simply.


First, you need to brainstorm to find what it is that you want to promote on your website – what is the aspect of your product or service that you want to present to your potential customers. This alone will determine the kind of site you will have, and how complex it will need to be. A site for a pizzeria is much easier to create than a site that sells auto parts. The product itself will also dictate whether the site will be more serious with bold fonts, or, on the other hand, filled with colourful images. A pizzeria will require lots of pictures and colours such as red, yellow, and green will be dominant as they remind us of food, while grey images and dark letters on a white background are more suited for a car repair shop. The more ideas you come up in this stage, the easier it will be for you to create a site, or ask from a professional to create it for you.

Creating the website

Creating the site alone is the hardest part. If you want it done properly, it can require a lot of training and knowledge. In other words, you’ll need a professional. Of course, there are many online tools for creating free websites, and most of them come with premade templates which can be used, but don’t expect anything astonishing. Because they are free, they won’t be unique, and that uniqueness is something that is extremely desirable when it comes to websites. Not only that, but editing options can also be limited. You may be unable to post videos, insert GIF images into your free website, or remove unwanted ads. It all comes down to the amount of money you are willing to pay. A site that is made by a professional can have almost anything you envision, and the only limits are your finances and imagination. That is why you should consider investing into hiring a company that is trained for that sort of thing and quality won’t be an issue.

“Publishing” it online

The final obstacle towards a great site is making it accessible online – or, in one word, hosting. It is actually where all the data your website has will be situated, and where other people can access it from the internet. Like everything else, even this solution depends on your personal preferences and your finances. You can set up your own server, which will actually require you to buy server equipment, and have all the necessary skills for maintaining a server. It will also require you to have a stable internet connection for your server to function properly, and you must be prepared to deal with all sort of technical problems that can arise. Instead, you can choose an option where you can pay for hosting services. There are many companies offering this kind of service, and there are many details to take into account. The disk space available must meet your website needs, and the uptime must be impeccable. Of course, this influences the price, but it is usually a monthly or a yearly fee, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge on your side.

So, these are the basic stages for creating a working website. Like everything else, first, a clear idea must be made. Then you need to translate that idea into a website that represent your product or service. The key is in offering in an attractive way. Then, you need to allow people to see your web presentation. Everything here can be done for free, but the quality of the final product will suffer. With a small investment, a much greater result can be achieved. Just be sure that you invest in this according to your needs, and one very important aspect of advertising your product will be successfully completed.