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The Benefits of Combining Aquaponics and Permaculture

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Providing enough food for a family of four, may require more than a backyard Aquaponics set up. Aquaponics has lots of benefits, but unless you have the space for a very large set up, you may need to grow food in other ways. Permaculture is one way in which you can add to your garden and grow foods that aren’t suited to aquaponics. This is why a combination of aquaponics and permaculture can work very effectively.

In a previous edition of the ASC magazine, Rick Beach shared his knowledge on permaculture. His article titled ‘Permaculture, multiple disciplines all in one’ shows us just how amazing permaculture really is.  It isn’t just about growing food or the health benefits; permaculture helps the surrounding eco system.  It works with the laws of nature and encourages you to grow foods that will flourish in your region.

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Unfortunately we can’t cover all the benefits of permaculture in this short article, so we will pick three of the benefits that Rick’s spoke about in his article. Agronomy: This is the science of soil management and crop production. With good soil you can grow healthy plants. Ecology: The study of organisms and their environment. Biology: The science of life and living organisms. The great part about permaculture is that you can learn all of these things and more without spending a fortune on a college degree.

It wasn’t so long ago that people had this knowledge because they worked the land and learned from former generations. The knowledge that was passed from father to son and mother to daughter on the land has almost been lost. Thankfully, there are those who still have this knowledge and are trying to re-educate others. Some of these people teach through the articles they contribute to the ASC magazine. Others contribute through the Aquaponics Survival Communities Facebook fan page. If you would like to join us then please feel free to follow the links in the article and join thousands of others who choose to grow their own food.

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