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The child of today is the future of tomorrow: Asaram Bapu



Jammu, August 28 (Vijay Kumar) – World-repute Sant Asaram Bapu said that the child of today is the future of tomorrow. The nation is in urgent need of morally upgraded, mentally balanced and spiritually alert children in order to take the reigns of India in hand as they grow up.


Delivering sermons to nearly 10,000 School children alongwith thousands of devotees in 3-day Srimad Bhagwad Gita Satsang  in Jammu which commenced on Friday after having accorded a warm and unprecedented reception from the airport to the Ashram by the followers of Asaram.


The devotees drawn from all parts of J&K and neighbouring states thronged to the Jammu Ashram Complex since early morning with the hope that they would find space near the Vyaspeeth and thereby would get a chance to have a close darshan of Sant Asaram,


Sant Asaram,,who is an authority on the knowledge of holy scriptures and Adhyatmic knowledge disclosed the mammoth gathering that it is Satsang which purifies the mind of the individual and thereby paves a way for self-realisation-the ultimate goal of life. Until and unless one knows one’e Self, one cannot eradicate miseries and fails to repose in peace.



Sant Asaram highlighted (07) Seven keys to live a progressive and successful life detailed here under:


1.                  Steadfast and Active.

2.                  Tyagi, liberal and compassionate.

3.                  Concentration

4.                  Sympathetic and helpful.

5.                  Somd intellect

6.                  Smiling and delightful

7.                  Strong will power.


He disclosed that Mohan Chand Karam Chand Gandhi had all the 7 keys and above all observance of a weekly silence/Maun on Monday, adding it was his strong will power that he raised the slogan “O English” “Quit India” and succeeded in the mission of getting India free from the dictatorian rule of the English.


Bapu Ji quoted 08 names of the World known wealthiest persons and added that they had a very bad end because they were overpowered by the “Ego” despite possessing good virtues. He referred many instances of the personalities who had fostered ego and as a result lost everything; adding one good thought of Sidaratha made him self-controlled and led him to divinity while one lowly and heinous thought of Ravana caused problems for the whole Lanka and for the apes. Similarly one wretched idea of Alexandra and Hitler killed many people and brought destruction all around. Hiranakash and Kansa also met with the same fate.


He disclosed that in the blind race of becoming rich overnight people are engulfed in chaos, restlessness and unrest.


According to latest data that in USA 70% people take sleeping pills daily and 28% people take sleeping pills off and on and 2% people have sound sleep because of their adhyatmic knowledge. Whereas in India 98% people have sound sleep because of their adhyatmic knowledge.