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The festivals of Japan

Japan is called `the land of rising Sun.’ it has many interesting festivals for people.

 The third of March is called the Feast of Dolls. The girls enjoy a holiday. Even the poorest girl has a doll to play with.

 On this day the girls wear their best clothes and display their dolls. Their friends and relatives visit them. They admire their dolls.

 The girls dress up in their prettiest kimono. It is a long flowing dress. It has large colorful flowers on it. They tie a bow in their hair. The bow matches the flowers on the kimono.

 The boys have dolls too. They dress them up as warriors. They display them with words and helmets o. the boys call it the festival of flags. It is about two months after the festival of dolls.

 Besides the festival of flags, the boys have the feast of Carp. It also falls early in May. The boys have a special holiday on this day.

 On that day every boy in Japan files a kite made in the shape of fish. The carp is a very strong and brave fish. Each boy in Japan hopes to be brave and strong like a crap.  

 On these festival days, a special dish called Sukiyaki is prepared. It consists of meat and vegetables. It is eaten with rice. It is very delicious. The children look forward to eating it.