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The Legend Band “Miles”

Can you remember the song “Chad Tara Surjo Noy Tumi, Noy Pahari Jhorna (Neither you are Moon or Star, Nor Hilly Waterfall)”. You will find hardly anyone who did not hear the song. The legend band “MILES” played the legendary song. The “Rock-Pop” band of Bangladesh, first band who gave audience a different tune of song.

MILES was formed by Farid Rashid, Kamal, Ishtiaq, Larry, Musa and Robin in Dhaka in 1979. The gifted brothers Hamin Ahmed and Shafin Ahmed joined MILES a couple of months later in the same year as guitarists and vocalists. In 1982, ace keyboard player Manam Ahmed became a part of the band. From 1979 to 1982, MILES performed regularly at the Chameli Supper Club of Hotel Intercontinental (now Sheraton). From 1983 to 1990 they played at the discotheque and coffee shop of the Sonargaon Pan Pacific Hotel. In 1982 they first appeared on television. In that year they also performed their first live show at Shilpakala Academy premises in front of a 1500 strong audience. Miles started their music career by releasing the first self titled album in 1982. In the album ‘Miles’ all the numbers were in English. The band’s second album was also in English. Both had a blend of original and cover numbers. But that was MILES in its early days.

But what brought them reputation were their Bangla albums. Miles released their first Bangla album called "Protisruty" [Promise] in 1991. This was a blockbuster. Miles became more popular. The second Bangla Album "Prottasha" [Hope] was released in 1993. This was a hit and still is the only best selling pop album in Bangladesh. The album sold approximately three lakh copies within a few months of its release. The band first appeared on television in 1991 with its popular Bangla numbers. The third Bangla album called "Prottoy"[Confidence] came out in in 1996. Apart from this a CD was released from Bollywood and 2 "Best of Miles" CDs were compiled and released from India. Disco Recording, a Los Angles based Bangladeshi recording company, also released a "Best of Miles" CD.

In 1999 Miles has completed 20 years of their successful performances. In observance of their 20th birthday Bangla album called ‘Probaho’ has been released and it was also blockbuster hit. After that in the year 2007 they have released Protiddhoni(Reflection of Sounds)on the occasion of 25th anniversary. But the album could not meet the thirst of music lovers of Bangladesh.

MILES is also a pioneer when it comes to activities related to promoting Bangladeshi band music. In 1992, MILES enthralled audience in Bangalore, India by presenting a three-hour English rock concert. They were the first ever Bangladeshi band to bring out a CD in 1994 titled ‘Best of MILES’. MILES have participated in five concerts in India and two concerts in the Gulf States of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, MILES was also the first band to go on a tour in the United States and Canada in 1996.

In MILES’ history the biggest concert till date was at the Dhaka national stadium where the audience turnout was about 60,000, according to press reports. The concert was organised by Bangladesh Cricket Control Board and sponsored by Pepsi after Bangladesh won cricket test status.

What is the behind of their successful carrier? Shafin the lead vocal and base guitarist of Miles says, "We’ve all received training in music from our early childhood". The two brothers Shafin and Hamin devoted their whole life to music as their mother Feroza Begum and father Late Komol Das Guta both are famous Nazrul Sangeet exponent. Manam Ahmed who is said the best Keyboardist in Bangladesh is the son of well-known music director Monsur Ahmed.

Current line-up: Hamin Ahmed (guitar & vocal), Shafin Ahmed (bass guitar & vocal), Manam Ahmed (keyboards & vocal), Iqbal Asif Jewel (guitar) and Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo (drums).
Albums: Miles, A Step Further, Protisruti, Prottasha, Prottoy, Proyash, Probaho and Protidhony