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The World’s First Collective Blog?

GroundReport is a funny animal. In some ways it is a large, collective blog, open to everyone. Because it’s so big, writers will be able to have an unusually high degree of influence in the blogosphere, and make more money on advertising than would otherwise be possible.

On the other hand, GroundReport won’t let stellar stories get lost in the mix. That’s why each author gets a static URL displaying articles, highly rated reports move to the top of the page, users can browse by category, and everyone can search by author, region, keyword–you name it.

In recognition of GroundReport’s pseudo-blog status, we’ve created a Technorati profile. Now people will be able to find your blog posts more quickly and easily, propelling you to the fame you deserve.

Check out the GroundReport profile here:

Technorati Profile