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Think Local Act Global, Start A Virtual Internship Program


Virtual internships are a free way to source talent for small businesses. Virtual internship programs are a trending practice currently being adopted by tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Having a virtual internship program allows you to scale your business up or down without hiring and firing people, outsourcing or paying an arm and a leg in staffing fees only to find out the person you choose isn’t the right fit.

Starting a virtual internship can help get the help you need to grow while saving you time and money.

Getting started with a virtual internship today is easier than ever. Free technologies available to small businesses today make virtual internships possible.

Technologies like Skype, Google Apps & Join.me give you the opportunity to qualify, hire and manage your new team from any place with an internet connection allowing both you and your interns to work from anywhere.

Today’s workplace is flexible, embrace the online collaboration tools of tomorrow today and add the best talent available to your team now.

Most people think interns are for tedious tasks and work you don’t want to do. Use your virtual workforce to grow an area of your business that you don’t have the time to work on.

Focus on what you do best while you manage others to keep the ball rolling on other projects. Best practices have shown that the most value your virtual internship can bring is in development of new ideas, supporting existing projects and research for growth, your competition and the leg work to bring your brightest ideas to life.