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How to Tighten Bike Brakes

If you have a bike, you would face many kinds of problems. Bicycle brakes become less effective over time.  You can adjust and tighten your bike brakes easily by following some steps. One of the most common brake problems is a dragging brake pad. One common cause of this problem is a misaligned wheel. This causes the brake to work improperly because it’s tight on the frame and has been adjusted to align properly only on a wheel perfectly centered in the bicycle.

Now that the wheel is crooked in the frame, the brake can’t work correctly. If you have a frame that lets you place the rear wheel in different positions, check that the wheel is centered between the seatstays and chainstays before tightening it.

Check your brakes

bike brakesAt first stand next to your bike.  Squeeze the front brake lever and try to push the bike forward. Now repeat this test with the rear brake. The rear wheel should lock and skid as you push the bike forward. If the brakes do not work properly, then you have to repair it.

Check the cables

All cable-operated brakes should have a barrel adjuster. All hybrid bikes have a knurled edge where the cable exits the lever or enters the caliper. Turn the barrel adjuster anti-clockwise to increase cable tension. Check the cables before tightening bike brakes.

Make sure the caliper moving

Squeeze the handle and watch the caliper close and open. If the cable at the brake handle moves, but the end at the caliper does not, the cable may be broken inside the cable housing, and the whole cable assembly will have to be replaced.

Lubricate the cables

You can use lubricants in an aerosol can with a tube to spray oil into the cable housing. Use synthetic lubricants not mineral oil or grease.  You may find it in any bike shop. You can lube the cables with triflow with Teflon. You have to work very slowly. You put one drop after the other of very fluid oil on the cable were it comes out of the housing. Through capillarity the oil gets sucked up into the housing. Meaning you’ll do this from both ends of the housing.

Tighten the brakes easily

It’s perfect for making your brakes feel like new after you’ve logged a good many miles and worn down your pads. Turn on the adjuster barrels counterclockwise by hand. Then check the settings by squeezing the levers. When you feel that the brakes are right, lock the barrel adjusters in position. You can do it by turning the lockring clockwise until it’s tight against the lever.

In the case of on road bikes, you will find the adjusters on the brakes. . To tighten the brakes, turn the adjusters in the direction that moves the pads closer to the rims.

You should remember that when your brake pads wear out, the adjusters won’t do any good and you’ll need to turn the adjusters all the way back and replace your brake pads.

You can tighten your best hybrid bikes brake anywhere and anytime by following the instructions. Always check your brakes before your riding. It can help you from a accident.

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