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Tips For Hunting In Winter

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The winter presents a wonder opportunity for serious hunters because this is the time when anyone who isn’t serious decides to head back to the comfort of their warm cabins until spring. However, the ambitious hunter not only knows how the best way to mount a rifle scope but he also knows that the cool winter months are some of the best times to hunt.

You may be wondering, ‘What’s so special about winter?’ Great question. Besides the cool weather another thing that separates winter from the other months is that big game animals like deer are very active at this time of the year. Interestingly, the big bucks seem to wait until after the last arctic freeze of the winter sets in before they fully settle into a routine for the season.

So, if you know what big game animals eat you should do well at this time of the year; this is even more so the case if there is snow on the ground. Namely, because as deer and other animals walk around they leave tracks that you can follow.

  • There may be no better tool than a good set of binoculars while hunting.
  • Adopt a good walking style that makes the least noise.
  • Wear the right clothes for hunting.
  • Use the trees for cover while taking a shot.
  • Observe their tracks and spot their food source.

Get a good set of binoculars

A decent quality binocular set can do wonders for your hunting. You can catch animals that are not in your immediate terrain; this gives you an advantage as you’ll be better prepared to move into the new ground. If you are on top of the hill, use the binoculars to get a bird’s eye view of the entire region and check out if you can notice any movement in the bushes.

Move slowly and be patient to identify the slightest movement in the woods. When it’s winter, you can also use it to track the movement of animals using their footprints. However, use some precautions while taking your binoculars for hunting. They can get in the way of your rifle, and you need to wear your spy glasses on your body tightly so that they does not swing when you have to sit down for aiming the shot.

How you walk matters

You will be surprised to know that your walking style can make a lot of difference to your hunting. Always make sure that you wear a tight fitting shoe that has a thin sole; this will help you in two ways. To begin with, you can feel the debris under your foot properly, which will help you to identify the objects carefully. Silent walking is critical when you are in the woods. Other than that, it will also help you move quickly without making much noise. Also remember that hunting can take a lot of time and you will be spending many hours in the wood and snow.

It makes sense to wear light weight shoes that will not tire you down after few hours. When it comes to walking properly, you must always walk with your heel down first so that you make the least noise while moving. These simple tricks can help you to go ahead at a quick pace without disturbing the surface. Remember that animals have excellent hearing, and they can pick up the slightest of noises in the surrounding.

Avoid bulky clothing for hunting

Just because it is winter time, doesn’t mean that you must wear big and heavy clothes when hunting. Remember that you will be walking several miles in a day while hunting and all the action during the day can make you sweat a lot. In this regard, it makes sense to wear light clothing so that you get more comfortable while moving for long hours at a stretch; this will also help you to move quickly, which is a significant advantage while hunting.

In many cases, multiple layers of clothing are a major disadvantage as they tend to make more noise when you move in the woods. Especially when the wind is low, you will notice that your coats can make sufficient noise to distract the animals. You do not want this to happen at any cost.

Do not forget the importance of finding good cover

Even the most experienced hunters will agree with this. You will always need proper cover when you are moving in the woods. Always have a tree next to you so that you can stand for a few minutes and take a look at the surrounding. Remember that animals like deer are very sensitive to sound, and if they happen to spot any human activity, they will quickly move very far from that place, and you will have to walk several more miles before you spot them again.

In this regard, move for a few yards and find a cover to stop for a few seconds. Never move at a consistent pace, especially in the woods. Always use a cover when you have to aim the shots. In this manner, if you miss the first shot, the animal will not be able to spot you, and it will not get scared. You may get another chance to fire the second shot within a few seconds when it will stop moving. Do not hurry to fire your second shot immediately after the first one failed. Give some gap of a few seconds so that the animal can ignore the sound and settle down.

Analyze their food source

You especially want to pay attention to your prey’s food source during the winter season; this is when deer will be looking out for food. Another thing about winter is that it comes after the regular hunting season is over and the animals are more relaxed than they are during the fall months. Hence, they venture great distances to find some food and water. You can target such spots and get an easy catch.

In closing, I’ve just given you five tips to help you improve your winter hunting game. If you can put these tips to good use, you can master big game hunting in the cooler months.