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Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


Shopping around is the most common way of saving some money and getting the best car insurance for you. Different car insurance companies have different ways of marketing their products. Some sell car insurance policies through their agents while some use independent agents who represent multiple car insurance companies. Some companies even entertain customers for direct selling of policies. With so many options of reaching out to car insurance companies, you should make best use of the opportunities so that you can get multiple quotations, at least three, to make a rational evaluation.  Make sure that you get answers to all your queries before you take a decision. Besides the price consider the quality of service of the insurance company especially the speed in settling claims that is critical for car owners. Some other ways of lowering the cost of car insurance has been listed below.

Provide Correct and Optimal Information

Car insurance companies want to assess as much correctly as possible the risk level involved in insuring your car that determines the cost of the policy. This assessment is based on numerous information that you have to provide and it includes information not only related to you but also for others who might drive the car. Provide the most correct information in the most optimal manner so that there is no room for overcharging by the insurance company.

Check the Level of Coverage

Car insurance companies offer different levels of coverage that affects the price. There can be many things included in the coverage which are perhaps covered by some other policies that you have. European vehicle recovery is often included in travel insurance and can be deleted from the purview of car insurance.  Some home insurance policies include coverage of items kept outside the home and this could mean excluding car theft coverage from car insurance. Proper coverage can save car insurance cost.

Increase the Excess

In car warranty insurance parlance “excess” means the amount that you pay prior to commencement of the car insurance policy. More is the “excess” the lesser will be the insurance price. But this saving is often offset by making more payment on your own if there is an accident.

Driving Pattern and Driving Miles

Some car insurance companies take into consideration driving pattern, driving terrains and driving distance to determine the risk level that affects the insurance cost. Streamlining these parameters is a good way to keep insurance cost low. Discounts are available for low mileage that can be availed.

Payment Schedule

You have the option of upfront payment for buying a car insurance policy or you can pay every month. However, monthly payments can be costly as interest is charged on it. Save money by making onetime payment.

Single Insurer

If you buy your car insurance policy from the insurer of your home insurance then you stand to gain from the discount that is offered for buying multiple policies from them. But this depends on the benefits that you are offered and not the price alone.