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Types of Eye surgery

eye surgery


Eye is an important organ of human being, which is extremely delicate as well. It demands loads of care and if remains untended, you may end up getting a couple of issues in it. Also, due to aging and injuries, you end up hurting your eyes, which demands a quick medical attention, which are found in different forms. In other words, you have different types of eye surgery, which we will be discussing in this post at length. Let’s check the common types of eye surgery as under:

Corrective Surgery

This is also known as refractive surgery, which is meant to correct the vision and has seen tangible amount of advancements in the recent past. Earlier the surgeons used to make deeper kinds of incisions over the cornea to do the needful. However, with the advancements taking place in this domain, the surgical procedures are seen becoming effective with the passage of time. In fact, the earlier procedures simply involved posterior internal incisions, which failed in many cases bringing in advance methods. These surgeries help in modifying damaging the corneal tissues directly and counted among the earlier times of vision correction surgical procedures. However, in the seventies, in the US and USSR, development took place and you have special surgeries for correction of vision including myopia and hypermetropia the common issues with eyes. However, this surgery is only considered when the non surgical options like contact lenses and glasses fail. In majority of cases, the corrective surgical procedures are elective apart from being cosmetic in nature.

Glaucoma Surgery

The other common eye surgery is Glaucoma surgery, which involves laser treatment or doing an incision over the eye in order to get rid of the intraocular pressure. The kind of surgery you get from your doctor will depend upon the factors like severity and type of the glaucoma. The surgery is only considered when the medications fail to work. In the option of laser surgery, the surgeons considers the same after filtering microsurgery unless you find the eye pressure, which is at the higher side or when your optic nerves are damaged badly. In this procedure, the surgeon allows a focussed beam of laser in order to treat the trabecular meshwork of your eyes, which is basically the drainage system. This helps in boosting up the fluid’s flow out of your eyes. In the conventional surgery the surgeon is seen creating a drainage hole in the eyes using small surgical tools. With this opening, you end up seeing the intraocular fluid over the clogged drainage canals that eventually goes out via the artificial drainage canal.

Cataract Surgery

This procedure is carried out in order to remove the lens over your eyes and also for replacing it with the artificial ones. The cataract surgery is also used to get rid of the clouding that collect over your eyes lens. This surgery is carried out with the help of an eye specialist on the basis of outpatient. This means you do not have to worry about the hospital stay once the surgery is done. This surgery is really common and found to be a safer option for people having the above said issues. The issue of cataract is usually encountered by the elderly and people from above fifties, however, this can come before the said age group but more common in the former. The cause behind the cataract is due to the macular degeneration that come along with the age issue or due to the diabetic retinopathy.

Eye surgery in India

Indian has become a number one medical destination for medical tourists hailing from different countries and places. The eye surgery in India cannot be called as an exception. This is only due to the presence of high end expertise dealing the best with the eye issues. The eye care hospitals and medical centres are equipped with state of art facilities and become instrumental in treating various ailments found in the eyes. One of the key reasons why more and more medical tourists flock to India for eye surgery or any other medical treatment is due to the low cost incurred on this, which is not the case in developed nations.