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Updated Health Report for Country Singer Randy Travis

In a Tasteofcountry.com news report it states Randy Travis is anxious to get back to work, according to his father. Travis suffered a stroke due to congestive heart failure, along with a string of other complications almost six months ago.

There have been thousands of fans and friends praying for Travis’ recovery as they wait to hear any bits and pieces of news they can find out about him. There have been a few good news reports recently and there was a picture of Travis sitting in a wheelchair which gave his fans a glimpse of him looking happy and surrounded by several loved ones. I saw the picture and Travis looked great and in good spirits.

I wanted to pass this update along to you readers because I know I have been one of those fans who have been waiting patiently to hear some “good” news about him. Travis’ father, Harold Traywick, has told Closer, “He’s getting his voice back now a little at a time.”

Travis’ voice was unique and one of the most well-loved in the industry. In my opinion this is great news as “we” continue praying for him to receive a complete recovery. His great voice echoed many wonderful tunes that country folks loved. I loved, “Digging up Bones” and can relate in many ways to this song. Travis is one heck of a singer and every one of his songs caused me to sigh. He sang from the pits of his soul as he belted out his songs.

An insider has said that Travis is starting to play his guitar again and he desires to get back to what he loves best by connecting with his fans and friends. This source also indicated that Travis’ doctors are very pleased with his progress and his will to do whatever it takes to get back what he has lost.

Travis is said to have dropped a new album on October 1, 2013.

Let’s all keep Travis in our prayers in hopes that these positive reports come to fruition. Billy Ray Cyrus, a friend of Travis’, has confirmed the icon is doing great, but that he needs continued prayers. Bonnie Paul, a singer, has noted that Travis spoke to her on the telephone.

I do believe Travis is on his road to recovery and I believe too that every fan needs to continue allowing him to know how they feel and how much they want to see him performing back on stage again and in good health.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the writer of this article and it’s based on tasteofcountry.com news report.