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US Representative Threats Nepal Government


US congressman Steve Israel, a member of the Democratic Party and a US Representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district has warned Nepal Government of cutting 27 million US Aid to Nepal until there is a proper investigation in the case of the death of Bhoomika Kochhar a native US citizen who was married to a Kathmandu resident Akaash Jatia.

On June 15 she was found dead by hanging at her home in Chundevi, Kathmandu. In response to the case Bhoomika’s family has been voicing of a foul play. Bhoomika Kochhar, was the daughter of New York-based Indian industrialist Chander M Kochhar, who had been living in Nepal after marrying Akaash Jatia since January 2011.

Unsatisfied with the investigation the Kochhar family had organized a press conference on tuesday at their apartment in New York.

Rep. Israel says in his website, “This provision sends a powerful message to the Nepali government that the United States will not tolerate anything other than a full and fair investigation into the death of Bhoomika Kochhar Jatia. My constituents, the Kochhar Family, are simply looking for answers into their daughter’s death, and I will continue doing everything in my power to make sure they get the answers they deserve.”

The Himalayan times quoted Israel saying, “I will call for a hold or a suspension of all or part of that $27 million until the US Embassy can certify that there was an investigation, that it was full, fair and honest,”
Similarly, the news portal CBS New York quoted the congressman as saying, “You shouldn´t be able to get US citizens´ money if you can´t ensure justice for US citizens.”

According to sources, “The congressman had contacted the Nepalese embassy in Washington DC for proper investigation but since nobody got back to him and the investigation in Nepal nearly closed down Israel has confirmed his alliance with the family and the case.”

Republica National Daily quotes SSP Subodh Ghimire, Chief of Metropolitan Police Range Office, Kathmandu saying, “Police investigations so far have failed to clearly establish whether Bhoomika´s death resulted from a suicide or murder. Our investigations are still underway, it would not be appropriate to comment on the case until we get final reports. The samples have been sent to forensic department for the blood-poison test. “As per the request of victim family, we are planning to send the samples abroad for viscera test.”