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US Troops in Syria?



The Obama Administration and its allies have begun serious discussions about  Military involvement in Syria to stop the senseless bloodshed. Up to 8,000 People have been killed in the Syrian uprising so far. On Monday, Hillary Clinton will meet with her russian counterpart to discuss any involvement in syria.


Russia and China vetoed global sanctions against Syria last month. Not a big surprise! Russia could lose its Naval Base in Tatrus and China is involved in Syria’s oil industry.


On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed some of the Options the US is considering to assist the syrian people: Air Strikes, Humanitarian Relief, a No Fly Zone and Intervention at Sea.


But the Government remains divided over the Success of any Military involvement. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made clear that he will not send US Troops to Syria until he knows what the Mission is and until we know more about the Presence of Al Qaeda.