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Ways To Overcome the Most Common Growth Pain Points Every Startup Has To Face

There are 3,000,000 new small businesses started every year in the US alone. Every startup founder has intentions to grow business to the decent level. To make the ambitious dreams come true, every company should go through growing challenges. And it is not easy way because startup has not only to outperform its competitor but sometimes to battle with the big boys. Here are some tips to help avoid the common mistakes that many growing businesses do and manage expansion.

Tips to Improve Business Efficiency

Eliminate the routine tasks

The first issue you have to face as soon as you start to scale your business is the need to grow your workforce. You have to scale the infrastructure to deal with rising demand or to ensure this demand initially. In order to support Slack expansion, its headcount grew from 80 to 385 employees in 14 months. Are there any other ways to cope with such a challange? Use customer support outsourcing service to save time and resourced connected to follow up calls, upselling, customer service improvement and many other routine tasks.

Establish quality control system

Growing processes may impact the quality of the product as you start to pay more attention to arranging administrative issues. To establish the quality control system is a crucial part of driving improvements and convincing larger customers that you can be relied on. Even when you develop your management team and implement quality control procedures, you must still pay attention to the numbers. At this point you need to stop and think. Quite often this involves you, as the business owner, giving up some of the day-to-day running of the business and think how you can efficiently allocate this task to the hired team of experienced ‘heads’.

Don’t afraid to delegate

This point flows naturally from the preceding ones. To control everything around is essential at the initial stage. There are some key reasons to delegate the majority of tasks as soon as your experiences expansion. It will free up your time to come up with new strategies, products and ideas. Stop doing everything yourself and let others, whom you trust, execute important tasks and take on the responsibilities. Hold regular status meetings to stay informed and inform your crew about all important processes and decisions. To easily fix any internal issue in time, make your leadership team available for “ask me anything” sessions.

Dangers of Overly Fast Startup Growth Strategies

As a startup grows, you must be willing to pivot when improvements or new features don’t work like they should. One of the most painful challenges of grows is to give up your idea as soon as it does not work. Be ready to change plan A in favor of plan B, C, or a hybrid version of all three. Making decisions on-the-fly can help your business move forward at pace.

Rapid growth without close attention to work force,  proper management, product quality and the financial outcomes, can cause a lot of difficulties to the company. At the same time, expanding a headcount and overwhelming your team with routine tasks may jeopardize the profit. Entrepreneurs often find it hard to change their outlook as a business grows. If you opt to hire customer support outsourcing service, it can allows you to invest more in product development and focus on lucrative activities.

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