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What Should a Five-Star Hotel Have to Offer?


For a vacation to go smoothly lots of things need to be right and the timetable you need to follow has to be spotless. Usually, there’s always that one person that’s the organizer, no matter if you’re going on a family vacation or you’re going away with friends to make some unforgettable memories. To put all things that need to be done on one person’s back is a bit mean, but the funny thing is that every time someone offers to do it. This is the kind of people other people usually call “control freaks”, but those same control freaks don’t enjoy planning a whole trip because no matter how bulletproof the plan is, something always goes wrong. If you’re not sure if one of those must-be-in-control-at-all-times people is in your surroundings, check out for characteristics that they may have.

Those unfortunate occasions usually don’t depend on the organizer – these things can’t be controlled. We all have at least one story that we always get angry while telling it – the vacation that went wrong. Mostly, those stories are about places you had to spend lots of your vacation-time in, and the place in question is in most cases hotels. When you book your hotel, you’re not really there and all you can check are pictures you have at your disposal. Those pictures are posted by people who’re in charge of the hotel’s management, and people can lie. The pictures you’re looking at could be taken years ago, when the hotel has opened and when it really did look like that. In time, hotels can be neglected. You probably won’t find ruins, but it may be close to that – there’s a big chance that you find different kinds of rodent or other unpleasant sites.

When booking a hotel, don’t call the first number you see. If you really like the first hotel you see and it looks exactly like the place you want to spend your vacation in, at least check other sources. There’re a lot of sites dedicated to ranking hotels and they usually have a section concerning recent comments posted by people who visited those places that’s constantly updated. If you’re in doubt where to start, here’s one of the better ranking sites that covers the market worldwide. Use other people’s experience as your own – that’ll help you make no mistakes while planning.


Also, you should know what to expect of a hotel you’re planning to book. Stars aren’t there just for garnish. And even if you see them shining on their web-site, it’s again important, as mentioned before, to look for some other sources. So, in five-star hotels you should expect more than just a bed and a place to shower. The characteristics of a luxury hotel are that it must make you feel expensive when you enter the lobby. It’s not necessary for everything to be in gold like in hotels in Saudi Arabia – they are known worldwide when it comes to luxury – but it needs to make you feel impressed.

The simple list of things that a hotel has to provide can be found here. It can help you with your expectations – things like real verified art and comfortable furniture. People who go into the bathroom first are people who know what they’re looking for. The moment you go into the bathroom in your new hotel room and you’re wowed by what you’ve seen is the moment you realize that you’ve chosen the right room.

Luxury 5 star hotel

Most newly made hotels look for the fastest and the most functional bathroom they can find while constructing. Interestingly, the combination of those two can actually be provided. It’s not a surprise that most construction managers lately decide to go with modular bathroom pods. Installing bathroom pods in a big building that’ll become hotel one day makes construction work up to twenty weeks faster. Other than the installation speed and functionality, bathroom pods have one more characteristic – quality. The materials used while constructing a bathroom pod are made out of the finest raw materials and also, they’ve been made to last – not only serve its purpose for the first couple of months, and later everything starts to fall apart at the same time. Amongst all other things, maybe they’ll give you courage to build and open something of your own.