Who Am I To Try And Teach About God?

Who Am I To Try And Teach About God?

Just like the Arch-Angel Gabriel I deliver the good news of God and of Jesus to all those who would hear and believe. The teachings I deliver are inspired by God’s Holy Spirit written through my hands. 

Just like John The Baptist:  “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”

For those of you who read my articles here at Ground Report, yet haven’t read my short Bio, I am not a pastor in any church, and I am not a priest, I am not a qualified preacher of any kind. I have never attended any University or College of Divinity or attended any Seminary, to get any degree in Theology.

I have never ever stood in a pulpit to address others about anything about God or anything else. I am not a Deacon, I am not a minister, nor, do I have any ministry that permits me to address any congregation, or even you, or a friend.

Simply speaking I have absolutely no qualifications whatsoever in this area except that I hunger for God, hunger for His Holy Word, hunger to share my hunger for God with anyone who will listen to what I have to say, or read what I have written about God for God.

Now you know, what I am not.

What I am, is a Christian man, simply defined a follower of Christ Jesus, one who has a passion to know, as much as I am permitted to know about my creator Almighty God, to know as much as I am permitted about God’s Son Jesus Christ, and be able and permitted, to freely share of this knowledge with any Atheist or believer or anyone who is not aware that God exists, who would seek to know that knowledge shared with me by God through God’s Holy Spirit.

Reading all of this negative stuff about me you are probably wondering to yourself, so what’s his point? or, So why does he write these religious writings? and Why do I bother reading anything he has to say, or give any attention to what he has to say?

The first part of that question, Why do I write these religious writings? Is easy for me to answer. The second part of your question you have to answer for yourself. I cannot presume to speak for you.

John the Baptist had no formal teaching to be John the Baptist. He was called by God to bring God’s people or at least those who would listen, to repentance and to be baptized. It was also John’s duty to foretell the imminent arrival of the Messiah who the Jews had heard of and been waiting on for centuries.

No I am not saying that I am John the Baptist come back to life, but I am saying that I am called by God, called to be God’s instrument through which God’s Holy Spirit reveals things that God desires His people, you and others like you to receive, from God’s vast knowledge and wisdom.

Yes I am comparing myself to God’s chosen messenger, John the Baptist, though I myself am no prophet, merely a means for God to get His word, His Truth out, to all who will hear.

John the Baptist was God’s Holy Messenger. John was a chosen “Prophet”. I too am one of many of God’s chosen Holy Messengers chosen by God to share by the written word and by the spoken word, what God wants man to know.

You may not like what I am asked to write in my articles. You may not always agree with what is being discussed in the writings in my articles. Because I am very blunt and straight-forward in how I write and speak, you may feel offended with God’s truth, but, I record God’s message given me through the powers of the Holy Spirit, and whatever is written can be and usually is substantiated, backed up by Holy Scripture.

I will not apologize either for the style used to express things for the Holy Spirit likes boldness so long as God’s truth is being expressed. I am though alot like my brother Jesus, I can be soft spoken, or like when he had to deal with the pharisees, I can be straight-forward calling a spade a spade. If you are a viper, a hypocrite, a liar, I will tell you so no holds barred. If you have erred, I will suggest a way to fix things.

Within my article writings, I have attacked and denounced, Roman Catholic Dogma and policies when I have discovered and seen them to be “Unscriptural” and totally wrong according to God’s Holy Word.

I make no apology for this, as I try to point out the error in the Roman Catholic teachings, policies and dogma. I have done this, even though I attend Catholic Church. I do not believe this makes me a hypocrite, merely someone trying to correct a spiritual danger from within. Not unlike Paul after Jesus turned him around. The apostle Paul becomes the most successful of all of Jesus apostles spreading God’s word from Jerusalem to Rome.

My Lord Jesus calls each and everyone of His followers to evangelize to others, to spread God’s Word and to Baptize in the name of The Father and of The Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and as long as I have breath in this old body of mine and am able to stand my post at this keyboard, to fulfill God’s expectations, God’s will as an evangelist and as a writer, that is what I plan to do.

I am a Christian. I am an Evangelist. I am a soldier in the service of Christ Jesus, called to serve Jesus and Father God by sharing God’s word with others. While on earth, Jesus gathered to himself his 12 Apostles. After His death and resurrection and ascension Jesus specially recruits Saul of Tarsus better known as the Apostle Paul. Together as Christ’s Church, better known as Christians, they set out to share God’s word with the world.

If you call yourself a “Christian” then this service of evangelizing spreading God’s Holy Word, not just to those close to you but to any and all people who will listen or read what you write, is your solemn obligation too.

To call yourself a “Christian” because you have saved your soul through the blood of Jesus, and then do nothing to help others find their way to Jesus is laziness and selfishness. These are not the traits of a true “Christian” But, the choice is yours. You have “Free Choice” a gift from your God and creator.

To quote Jesus: MATTHEW: 25: 40; “And the king shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you inasmuch as ye have done this to the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me.”

ALSO, MATTHEW: 25: 45; “Then he shall answer them saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not, to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.”

Are you fulfilling your promised obligation to Our Lord Jesus by evangelizing, or are you shirking your duty, your responsibility to spread God’s Holy Word?

I hope that what I have said here will not chase you away from the articles I write for God. I have also written articles with many good food recipes which also come from God through his Holy Spirit.

No, I am not a trained chef either just an amateur chef who loves to eat and loves to share God’s cooking ideas with others. I love to take a mundane recipe and experiment with it to introduce new and different taste experiences thru them. The Holy Spirit guides me even in the kitchen and together we make some of the most tasty dishes ever eaten.

My God realizes that one has to nourish the body, before you can nourish the mind or the soul.

Nobody should try to learn on an empty stomach, for you cannot give your full attention if you are hungry, unless you are hungry for God’s word than food doesn’t matter for God’s word is food.

Are you doing all that you possibly can to help the least of God’s chidren? You will be asked this question by Jesus when it is time for you to return home to heaven.

Lastly, I have for 50 years served God as a choir singer, singing to glorify and praise God with my voice and my heart.