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Working from Home is the New Key from Breaking Out of the Daily Grind

Working from home could just be the new key to breaking out of the daily grind, according to an ever-increasing number of studies. More scientists are concluding that 40-hour work weeks are damaging to our health. Sitting down in an office for long periods of time is bad for both our physical and mental health and could be contributing to the accelerated decline in brain power.

But why is it the case?

Office Culture is Toxic

Standard office culture, with its politics and constant meetings, is standing in the way of productivity and is crushing creativity. Tasks that should take only an hour are taking much longer because of general office culture weighing us down. Sitting in a room for 40 hours every week with people you don’t necessarily like is crushing to morale and motivation.

The Numbers Add Up to More Productivity

Someone who follows basic working from home tips will find that they’re more productive than they are at the office. This is because time is not spent on unnecessary tasks. All of us have had jobs where we have had to commute for an hour or two every day. Imagine if this time could be used more productively instead.

For many, the extra time gained by working from home is helping them to face the glass ceiling and break through it. Many remote workers have stated that they feel more productive because they have full control over their work environment.

Leisure and Family Come First

Study after study has demonstrated that when employees can put leisure and family matters first they are more productive and more motivated to do better. Therefore, some companies in Sweden have proposed the idea of the 25-hour work week to put this principle into practice.

A home run business, or working primarily from home as a traditional employee, could very well be the key to helping us to break the daily grind. Employers don’t care when the work is done if it’s done by the deadline. You may have to attend the occasional meeting, but you can largely define your own work hours.

More Motivation Through Gaining Personal Responsibility

Scientists have also associated remote working with a sense of personal responsibility. Employees are investing in business premises in the form of a home office. They control when they work and how productive they are. With nobody else to blame and no boss breathing down your neck, you have total control.

This is a powerful change for the average employee. Personal responsibility helps us to encourage creativity and gives us the confidence to speak up when we believe we have a solution to a problem.

Work Fewer Hours

The same schedule causes the daily grind every single day for years and years. Home-based working breaks this grind through allowing you to set your hours and to work fewer hours. As already mentioned, many Scandinavian countries are already considering reducing the length of the working week to increase productivity.

Studies have shown that the brain can only function effectively for 90 minutes before it needs to rest and recharge. Home-based working allows us to take regular breaks and, therefore, be more productive.

How to Get Your Boss to Offer Remote Working

Explain to them the benefits of remote working. Don’t think about what it will do for you think about what it will do for them. Focus on productivity benefits and how you’ve demonstrated the personal responsibility needed to separate your work and home life.

Remember that your boss only cares about money and productivity. Concentrate on these and show them how it’s a good business decision.

Working From Home is the Answer

I’m convinced that the number of studies has demonstrated beyond any doubt that remote working is the key to breaking the daily grind. If you’ve yet to convince your boss that you should be able to work from home, even on a part-time basis, keep trying. Make them see what it can do for their business.