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World Peace Day and Nepal Hypocrisy

 There is no special meaning of the observation of the World Peace Day as the money-mongers, war-mongers and crime-mongers have every day and every night celebrated their over-rule against mankind.

We have created a political, socio-economic and religious-cultural environment in which the stronger suppresses the weaker, the smarter cheats the duller, the educated suppresses the illiterate, the richer exploits the poorer, the male dominates the female, the dishonest governs the honest, and the guilty suppresses the innocent.

The accelerating criminalization of global politics—acuter in Africa, Latin America and Asia—has made the majority of mankind very cynic.

The stronger nations, violating the international relations norms and laws, have continued encroaching weaker nations. We have seen millions of people being killed by those who possess more wealth, technologies and bestiality.

In Nepal, some powerful bigwigs, who call themselves blockbuster politicians, have turned extremely negative after the commencement in November 2006 of the peace process formalized by the historical Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) that has encompassed the values of political and socio-economic transformation essential for transforming the deep-rooted conflicts into peace, prosperity and progressive attitudes. Such ill-intentioned politicians have occupied much of the political space in the country, creating barriers to even slighter changes. They prefer being enslaved instead of letting the downtrodden masses get access to opportunities. They do or die to maintain status quo under which they enjoy maintaining feudalistic supremacy in every sector.

Since peace is a basic requirement of human life, talking about it is not wrong. But culturing civil wars by exacerbating conflicts by unscientifically, feudalistically and belligerently handling conflicts is tremendously wrong.

Those who prefer to observe peace day by trumpeting glamorous slogans and by bagging weighty dosh by doing everything they can to strengthen the existing man-eat-man political trade but doing nothing to empower the downtrodden majority need to bear in mind that peace originates from self-restrained and enlightened mind.

To create a real peace, the Nepalis should resist the disturbances that are likely to occur when the undemocratic and unjust structures are dismantled. So should people in other countries.