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The spiritual side of Dr. George Thompson reflected in his book “Verbal Judo”

Dr. George Thompson a man with a big heart and a big mouth!
Dr. George Thompson a big man with a big heart!

Dr. George J. Thompson III, aka “Doc. Rhino”, was a pioneer in human communications.

He is best known perhaps as the author of “Verbal Judo – The Gentle Art of Persuasion, which was first published in 1993.

Verbal Judo  is regarded today as a classic guide to the martial art  of the mind and mouth.

In re-reading his material recently, I was struck how he brought the world such an inclusive message of hope, tolerance and empathy for other people. You see this clearly reflected in his writings.

In many ways the essence or core of his teachings are almost spiritual in nature. His message promoted  respect, understanding and forgiveness in the heart of people.

Dr. George Thompson explains the five universal truths of human interaction which remain true across the board, regardless of cultural background, gender, etc.

1) People feel the need to be respected
2) People would rather be asked than be told
3) People have a desire to know why
4) People prefer to have options over threats
5) People want to have a second chance

Dr. Thompson died in 2011 at the age of 69 leaving behind a lasting legacy in his life work.


It is estimated he taught over one million professionals his Verbal Judo course during the course of his 30 year career as president of the verbal Judo Institute.

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