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The 10 Most Crucial Fitness Goals

Whether you are a fitness fanatic for whom fitness is a way of life or just a fitness enthusiast who is embarking upon the journey of fitness there is fitness advice for you at every nook and cranny. Of course, not all of that advice is going to be useful for you simply because every individual’s fitness journey is unique much like a snowflake.

In all the madness sometimes we lose focus of the ultimate goal of achieving fitness. So, just to keep things in perspective here is a list of 10 things that should be the most important goals for everyone regardless of their position in the journey of fitness.

  1. Make fitness your goal for your lifetime: – you may be at the peak of your youth and hitting the gym everyday with a vengeance but it is important to know that things will change for you eventually. Keeping that in mind make fitness your goal for years to come. As you get older, the fitness and dedication that you put in your youth will reap benefits for you. As you lifestyles changes with time, try and change your fitness expectations also.
  2. Stick to a suitable diet plan: – as much as exercising, correct nutrition is also crucial. What diet you choose to stick will vary as per your needs but there are some rules of thumb such as drinking adequate water, eating raw veggies and fruits and increasing the amount of protein in the diet. Stay from empty calories of junk and processed foods.
  3. Keep a tab on your vital statistics: – by vital statistics we mean blood sugar, cholesterol, resting pulse and blood pressure. Keeping a regular check on the number is important and it is also important to start doing it early. You may be surprised at how helpful this simple thing could be in protecting you from some major diseases.
  4. Be consistent in your plan and approach: – it may take you sometime to figure out the best fitness plan that works out for you but once you do so, stay true to it. As you progressively move ahead make necessary changes to the existing plan. If you are confused about where to start just begin anywhere. You will surely figure out the best approach for you as keep going forward. Getting into a rhythm of things is sure to keep you on track for the long run.
  5. Keep flexibility and balance also in mind: – young people mostly keep only stamina, strength and good looks as the objectives of their workouts. However, one important aspect of fitness is achieving flexibility. As we age, we lose flexibility which may cause joint pains and injuries also. Therefore being flexible is also very important in achieving holistic health.
  6. Increase your immunity: – it has been proven that being physically active has a positive effect on your immunity. Improvement in immunity can take you a long way even as you get older.
  7. Leave your comfort zone behind: – getting comfortable in a fixed workout routine is almost like staying inside a warm blanket. You do not feel like coming out of it. But it is important to break your mental barriers and try something that you have never done before. Choose any physical activity that you haven’t tried and do it. Do something that will challenge your fitness goal and also push you out of you comfort zone.
  8. Patience is the key: – we are surrounded by people who go on super fancy crash diets to suddenly lose weight and then back to binge eating again. And let us not even talk about people who hit the gym for four days and then take rest for eight. It only happens due to fitness plans that are unreasonable. Fitness is a journey which takes time and patience. Crash diets and sporadic gym sessions are of no use till the time you are consistent and patient with your routine.
  9. Have time bound goals with reasonable attitude: – have realistic short term goals which are not only achievable but are challenging to some extent also. Such goals will keep you motivated and can be used to monitor progress also.
  10. Fitness should become your habit: – do not judge your progress by pitting it against someone else’s. As much as the result, the habits that you acquire in the process are also important.

Fitness is an ongoing journey which can not only help you in your youth but also ensure that you live a healthy life for years to come.