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40 years of Big Mac… and so what?

In 1967, Ray Kroc the owner of the fastfood restaurants McDonald’s, launched the Big Mac. Fourty years later, more than 900 million burgers are sold every year in the world (550 million in the US alone…), which represent no less than $2.7 billion for the american multinational.

To celebrate its 40th birthday, a Big Mac Museum opened in North Huntingdon Township (Pennsylvania) to relate the story of the most famous sandwich in the world. And of course, the first hundred visitors received free Big Macs, but also each person was granted the right to eat one free sandwich every week for a complete year!

The Big Mac is also one of the great symbols of the American capitalism (as is CocaCola) that many consider as a threat to regional or national traditions. That is why the opening of a museum about the Big Mac in the United States can only delight the big fans (may I say fat fans?…) of the Golden Arches, and worry its despisers who can see in this: 1. a new symbol of the worldwide supremacy of McDonald’s, and 2. a new propaganda to reach even more people and keep the company going with its colonisation of the planet, and beyond imposing more and more the American style and way of life…

(If you are interested, Big Mac Museum online: www.bigmacmuseum.com)