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6 Top Tips for Effective IELTS Preparation

6 Top Tips for Effective IELTS Preparation

Short for International English Language Testing System, IELTS exam is a requirement for many students who wish to study abroad, but don’t have English as their first language. The required scores for this exam can vary, depending on the institution and course. However, generally speaking, a score band of 8 is considered quite impressive and is often the target of students. But, it is not easy to do so and IELTS preparation is undeniably a daunting task. Are you worried about how you will do?

If this is the case, you can use these tips to help you in effective preparation for IELTS:

1.   Incorporate ‘English’ in your daily routine

Make it a habit to do at least one English activity on a daily basis. You can read a newspaper article or magazine or even just watch a movie. If possible, you can also have a conversation with someone in English. Enjoy doing any of these activities and it will take you a step closer to your goal of mastering the language.

2.   Stay updated and informed

You need to keep yourself abreast of current happenings. Make sure you know the headlines because items of general interest usually make their way in the IELTS exam. Writing on such topics requires sufficient vocabulary and ideas and knowledge can go a long way in helping you.

3.   Concentrate and practice

It is essential for you to identify your weaknesses, whether it is listening, speaking or writing, and practice as much as you can. If you have trouble with the listening portion, you can watch a movie and turn off the subtitles. If speaking is the problem, you can ask your teachers for assistance and have conversations for them.

4.   Never ignore the instructions

One of the greatest mistakes that students make is to ignore the instructions provided. They are so eager to dive into the test that they fail to go over the instructions carefully. They often contain vital information that may be needed for answering questions correctly. Skipping them may seem like you are saving time, but it can hurt your scores in the long term.

5.   Stay within the word limit

You are provided with a word count for the writing assignments and it is best for you to stick with them. A low word count restricts your score whereas you will be penalized if you exceed.

6.   Speed up

One of the biggest complaints from IELTS students is that they have too much to do in too little time. Therefore, it is best for you to pick up speed and learn how to complete your tasks within the specified time. Practice will help you do this.

Apart from these tips, it is also recommended that you take an IELTS preparation course in Manchester or wherever you live. This will cover all aspects, help you get better and assist you in overcoming your weaknesses. Mock exams are involved and speaking tests are also simulated. In this way, you can be better prepared for your IELTS exam and get the score you want.