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War between Laffing Devil’s and Sin Mob could get ugly real quick!

Laffing Devil's club president Danny Boy.
Laffing Devil’s club president Danny Boy.

The war between Sin Mob (Sinister Mob Syndicate) and the Laffing Devils motorcycle club could easily spill over into extreme violence.

Making matters worse in many respects is the fact that it is all being played out on a reality TV show called “the Devil’s Ride” being watched by millions of people across the country and around the world.

The Devil’s ride is being showcased by the Discovery Channel who could care less what damage it causes by glorifying motorcycle clubs or for that matter who gets hurts in all this. All they care about is ratings!

The violence between the two rival motorcycle clubs has already resulted in both groups verbally and physically attacking each other.

It has also resulted in damage to private property with the burning of bikes and the “blowing up” of a trailer owned by Sin Mob by the Laffing Devils – who appeared to really get off on it.

The result has caused each side to become more entrenched in their respective positions of hate – with neither side willing to back down.

I think nobody really gives a damn if these psychopaths destroy each other – the real problem is the potential that the violence could easily spill over and result in innocent people getting hurt.

A matter I actually tried to discuss with the Laffing Devil’s club president Danny Boy via email messages on Facebook – unfortunately to no avail.

Neither group I think realizes that they have everything to lose in a war if someone decides to target family members and old ladies by way of exacting revenge.

In the case of Danny Boy – he’s already emotionally scared by the loss of his precious daughter to a drunk driver, which may have seared his conscious to the point that he no longer cares about anybody or anything.

With respect to Rockem – the club president of Sin Mob – he is just a mean psychopath pure and simple. A 1% percenter who has already demonstrated he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get his way. This makes him perhaps the most dangerous person in this whole mix.

Rockem is already famous for having an explosive personality.

I would like to think that everyone would agree that respective family members are innocent in all this and shouldn’t be involved in the war. Unfortunately they are already  involved – and that scares the hell out of me.

There is no doubt in my mind that a war between the Laffing Devil’s and Sin Mob could get real ugly real quick.

Unfortunately the San Diego police say they can’t do anything until after a crime has been committed by one or both sides – by that time it could be too late.