666 = The Perfect Storm 





The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

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666 puts the disproportional injustice of this case into perspective.   Here we are back to square one with two innocent college kids being tried one more time for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher.  For the third, and possibly not the last time, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito face the impenetrable and inequitable Italian judiciary.


Section 1:  Mignini denies Satanism.

Section 2:  Mignini embraces Satanism?

Section 3:  The underlying motive for saving Rudy Guede from a life sentence in prison may be more than an “intriguing coincidence”.

Section 4:  666 = The Perfect Storm



To avoid redundancy, if you need any background in the Amanda Knox case, please see DENVER or the revised chronicle on Wikipedia: 




Even as the current trial in Florence looks encouraging for equity, as was shown in the Hellmann Appeals trial that acquitted Amanda and Raffaele in 2011, the Italian Supreme Court seems to have a different agenda.  Some speculate that anti-Americanism is at play. 


Even Senator Maria Cantwell strongly believes that anti-Americanism played a strong role in the original conviction of Amanda:



It seems blatantly obvious that Raffaele Sollecito was strictly “collateral damage” and involved simply to convict the American.  Raffaele was secretly offered total freedom to lie and refute Amanda’s alibi.  He refused to do this:



But lies, back door deals and collaboration to conspire against Amanda have made this case a world-wide public spectacle.  Anti-Americanism is only one of the theories that propagated this railroad job which is aimed primarily at  Amanda Knox, but is also destroying the life of an innocent Italian. 


My personal observation is the preferential treatment that Rudy Guede has received with the purpose of mitigating his involvement in the murder has suspicious motivations, particularly as the DNA evidence proves him to be the lone perpetrator.  Rudy Guede has been carefully sheltered and has never been cross examined!  Even many of his written statements are articulated at an educational level far beyond his own capability.




Section 1: Mignini denies Satanism.


Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini was reported as having initially approached the motivation for this crime as a satanic ritual which resulted in the death of Meredith Kercher.  Now he adamantly denies believing that Satanism has played a role.  He has finally focused on the “plausible” scenario that Amanda is a witch with demonic powers allowing her mind control over mere mortals.


(Note: Just in case you are new to this legal quagmire, on  November 1st, 2007, Meredith Kercher was in fact murdered by a sole perpetrator named Rudy Guede. Only Guede’s DNA was found in Meredith Kercher’s tiny bedroom and in and on her body.  No other DNA was found in the crime scene.)


Prosecutor  Mignini has presented fabricated proof (called “circumstantial evidence”) in a court of law that Amanda was able to perpetrate this sadistic sexual assault and violent murder without leaving so much as a microgram of DNA evidence for either herself or her supposed accomplice, Raffaele Sollecito.  This has yet to be explained by the prosecution, but one can easily figure it out if one believes that Amanda had the ability to levitate with her demonic powers.  Remember, she was officially labeled and described in a court of law as a “witch” and a “she-devil”.


In the current appeals trial being held in Florence, the current Prosecutor, Alessandro Crini, presented his argument of “not being able to see the forest for the trees”, i.e., when you look at just the pieces, you can’t see the whole (my analogy).  Prosecutor Crini argued that the earlier appellate court had “pulverized the elements,” separating pieces of evidence that needed to be seen together to get a full picture of the crime.



Of course, Persecutor Crini is grasping at straws as the entire case is built on lies and collusion, so he needs to have the “pieces” Prosecutor Mignini originally fabricated looked at with imagination just like seeing images in a fluffy white cloud.


It is apparent now that the DNA evidence has been totally discredited a SECOND time with this new appeals trial (no blood on the knife, same article as above).

In the first trial Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni  identified a trace of DNA on the tip of the knife as belonging to Meredith Kercher, but that evidence, which was key in securing the convictions, was discredited by expert testimony in the Perugia Appeals Court.  So, is Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni either totally incompetent, OR is Dr. Stefanoni part of a conspiracy to convict the innocent American, Amanda Knox?


Is it possible that Prosecutor Mignini had a trusted subordinate who helped him create his case against Amanda and Raffaele so he could sail into court armed with a book of circumstantial evidence proving his delusional scenario?  Maybe Monica Napoleoni, the lead investigator of the homicide unit would fill the bill?  After all, she comes to the trial almost daily dressed like, well, as a Time Magazine journalist described her: “Her Morticia Addams hair, deep tan, deeper décolletage, hot-pink baby-doll tops, stylish white jeans, high wedgies and designer totes bring a whiff of the Via Veneto into the courtroom”. 


But looks can be deceiving? (Not always.)


Here is Monica in her see-through blouse and black bra sitting close to Mignini while on a break at court. (Is that a lust filled smile on Mignini’s face?)

 Monica Napoleoni



OK, this doesn’t look so good, but could she really be despicable enough to help railroad a beautiful, young American and her boyfriend?




“The Truth Will Shine, Just Give It Time”



Let’s look at her resume from the perspective of empirical observation in 2013.  Monica Napoleoni is currently under investigation for abuse of power.  Nope, this does not mean that she is guilty.  She has not been convicted…not yet…however it is my perception that this article is claiming there is a 99.999 percent chance that she will be found guilty.



Furthermore, it clearly reflects the willingness of her subordinates, including three of her thugs that helped to railroad Amanda and Raffaele, to engage in illegal activities on her behalf. 


Let’s get back to Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.




Section 2: Mignini embraces Satanism?


I believe the Brits have a term that’s appropriate:  Mignini’s caught with his knickers down!


Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini has clearly distanced himself from years of convicting innocent Italians (and journalists) of being Satanists and therefore guilty of any crime he designates.  (My interpretation of Douglas Preston’s message  in “The Monster of  Florence”.)  Mignini did in fact present this in a court of law.  As late as October 2008, a year after the murder, he told a court that the murder “was premeditated and was in addition a ‘rite’ celebrated on the occasion of the night of Halloween”.  Eventually, Mignini’s No. 2, the chain-smoking, no-nonsense Manuela Comodi, persuaded him to drop the references to Satanism. But no one forgot about it…



Then again:

“The Truth Will Shine, Just Give It Time”


Prosecutor Mignini was invited to be a guest speaker at an annual anti-Satanism conference in Giano in Umbria, province of Perugia on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013.


The original YouTube link in Italian has been removed (surprise).



At this anti-Satanism conference, Mignini was an exalted guest speaker.  ( Hey, Mignini, if I have it all wrong, have your buddies re-post the link and let others interpret for themselves!)


Fortunately, I had made some still shots from the video for another commentary that will work well here to support my allegation.  Basically, Mignini was explaining that he is no longer able to expand on how Satanism infects society in a court of law.   He says that he isn’t an expert on satanic cults, but he appreciates this group’s mission and is pleased to be a guest speaker. He mentions all the cases he’s been on in the past five or six years and continues to claim that satanic cults had a part in the Monster of Florence case but not in the Monster of Folgno case or in the infamous Perugia case even though an un-named newspaper (note: the NYPost see above link) quoted him as having said a satanic rite was involved. He said that his role is to represent the judicial aspect of the facts and the evidence of Satanism he’s found in his investigations.



***How am I doing so far, Mr. Mignini?***


Unfortunately for Mr. Mignini, he made a decisive Freudian slip and nullified everything he had just qualified.  He ends by saying he hopes someday people will have more of an “open mind about the possibilities of satanic influences,” and that one has to handle these ideas very carefully so as not to project any prejudice or bias on the criminal investigations.  Yep, Mignini is careful not to PROJECT satanic prejudice as in this day and age it needs to be kept secret!



Note: The humorous commentary on the images below is my own embellished interpretation as the images speak for themselves! 



First we have the master of detecting secret Satanists (Mignini) walking up to the stage.










With his butt firmly planted in the chair, he begins to enchant the crowd with details of how he methodically tricks the Satanists to divulge their true identities (sheer genius!!!).












To create an environment of mystical intrigue, a large symbol of SATAN is projected onto the wall behind him.

 Note: NEL NOME DEL = IN THE NAME OF + (wall image) SATAN













Then the crowd goes wild when a massive picture of Amanda is projected onto the wall!!!


Mignini bows his head in humble appreciation for receiving a standing ovation.  He has just won the Super-Bowl of anti-Satanism to whistles and unbridled applause!






OK, Mignini, back to reality.




Section 3:  The underlying motive for saving Rudy Guede from a life sentence in prison may be more than an “intriguing coincidence.”


The new prosecution of Amanda is asking for another 30 year sentence.



Of course, the current prosecutor, Allessandro Crini, has only Mignini’s original scenario to go on, so it is a bit like “the blind leading the blind”.  Mignini’s original intent, which was to incriminate Amanda and Raffaele (and by the Perugian police’s coercion of Amanda, also Patrick Lumumba), has now been commonly interpreted as being impulsive and careless.



There are actually two primary theories for the false imprisonment of Amanda and Raffaele while Rudy’s suspiciously mitigated involvement may set him free this coming year.


1. Rudy Guede was born into a Christian family in the Ivory Coast Christian tribe of Agou, Africa.  Once Rudy was adopted by the Caporali family in  Perugia, he faithfully attended Catholic services with his adoptive family.  This obviously makes him a member of the Catholic community in Mignini’s mind.  So even after Rudy was released to the press as a suspect, Mignini remained focused on someone with satanic beliefs and no redeeming qualities as a human being, i.e., Amanda Knox from the satanic city of Seattle, Washington, USA!


2.  Several have speculated that Rudy Guede actually worked as a drug informant for the Perugian police.  He certainly had a very long running relationship with the police.  Even after several arrests just prior to Meredith’s murder, he was never jailed or prosecuted.  By any definition of the word preferential, Rudy was given preferential treatment.  Even to this day, he has been described as only “involved” in the murder, NOT directly responsible as the whole premise of the Supreme Court overturning the acquittal was that it MUST have taken more than one tall, strong, basketball athlete, armed with a knife, to attack and subdue one petite young woman!


I believe the #1 hypothesis meshes perfectly with the #2 hypothesis.


My opinion (and that of a number of other people) is that the ISC’s brilliant deduction reeks of either anti-Americanism or outright favoritism to keep Rudy Guede from absorbing the full ramification of his actions (or both) .  I’ve laid out this highly probable scenario several times.  This article links to all the rest:

Sections 4&5 http://groundreport.com/amanda-knox-reading-between-the-lines-conspiracy-theory-proven/


Now let’s couple the above with more incriminating circumstantial evidence that Rudy did “odd jobs” for the police.


The Italian Judiciary functions similar to a closed society (i.e., North Korea) so nothing can be proven by any outsiders.  Likewise, proving Rudy had any type of covert relationship with the Perugian police department needs some strong circumstantial evidence to prove support for those allegations.  I’ve often thought that the stolen computer found in possession of Rudy Guede from the Law Offices of Paolo Brocchi would have warranted an investigation by the Perugian police…plus, the law office is only a few blocks away from the murder scene (Rudy’s stomping ground).


To clarify, only nineteen days prior to Meredith’s murder ( October 13, 2007), Rudy Guede stole a notebook computer, “several memory sticks” and a cell phone from the Brocchi law office.  Rudy still had the computer in his possession when police caught him in the commission of another burglary fourteen days later on October 27th, 2007.  As the several memory sticks were missing, it is easy to surmise that the pertinent information had been copied from the hard-drive and delivered to an unknown party.  Even the cell-phone was still with Rudy, but those memory sticks had already been delivered.


My dilemma has been trying to prove a correlation between Rudy’s motive for the law office burglary and the information contained in the computer having relevance to  Perugia?  Then I re-examined some tantalizing information contained in Nina Burleigh’s book “The Fatal Gift of Beauty”.   Manuela Comodi (Mignini’s #2) just happened to be the prosecutor in an obscure and apparently unrelated case, but now apparently involving Rudy Guede.  It seems a very wealthy Perugian family wanted to build a controversial high-rise building in neighboring Spoleto.  In Italy, multi-million dollar construction projects are known to attract, shall we say, unsavory business associates.  So a group of five local men organized civil protests to delay the construction of the building.  I guess you could say that they pissed off the wrong people!


As these five men were politically active, their leader had contracted the services of a reputable lawyer to file a motion seeking delay of the construction until the community could better voice their opinion.  Not dissimilar to Amanda’s magically appearing circumstantial evidence, a mysterious package arrived at the Perugian Magistrates office with a bullet and a threatening note demanding that the construction be halted.  (Why not just send the threat to the builders?  Sending it straight to a magistrate seems like a sure fire way to have the cops come arrest you?)


Obviously, anyone could have mailed it from any specific location to incriminate the leader, but the Perugian judiciary used this opportunity to arrest the leader “on suspicion of anarchism.”  The leader was detained in jail waiting for trial until the project was completed four years later.  The other four men were arrested (for intimidation?), but released.  Needless to say, the building was erected without further resistance.  What does this have to do with Rudy Guede?  Paolo Brocchi was the lawyer representing the Spoleto Five to legally delay the construction of the project just before the false arrests.  This was during October of 2007.  I believe Rudy was assigned to get Brocchi’s laptop computer.  This would have earned Rudy a well deserved “get out of jail free” card! 


I’ve always thought Rudy’s  DNA was discovered within 48 hours of Meredith’s murder and wondered why they claimed they waited so long to test obvious isolated specimens (i.e., the feces). 



The possibility is that Rudy may have actually called his Perugian police contact using the disco’s telephone (no tracing) for advice the night of  November 1st, 2007.  Rudy may then have been instructed to go to Germany until a plan could be put in place.


In addition, I believe Mignini found out the dead-bolt bedroom door had been locked, so he concocted the story that it was locked from the inside because actually Mignini knew Rudy Guede had to have had the key.



We still know Mignini targeted Amanda after he had access to her phone information on November 3rd because he found Rudy’s body double, Patrick Lumumba:

Section 5 http://groundreport.com/amanda-knox-reading-between-the-lines-conspiracy-theory-proven/


So here’s your “intriguing coincidence” (strictly my conjecture):  How likely is it that a local bum (Rudy Guede) just happens to steal a computer from a lawyer who just happens to be representing five men in a controversial legal action.  Within the week, those exact same five men are identified as anarchists and jailed before the lawsuit to delay the construction can be filed?  Then those five men are prosecuted by Mignini’s #2, Manuela Comodi.  


And finally, when Rudy Guede is found with the computer during this October time period (October 27th, 2007) while robbing a nursery in Milan, the arresting officer in Milan  apparently called the Perugian station to report the situation as that is where the computer serial number was registered as stolen.  Perhaps the officer was instructed to let Rudy go as no charges were ever filed against Rudy for the theft or for breaking and entering?!  Rudy Guede was pampered all through his separate trial and he’ll apparently be out of prison in 2014 after having served only ~7 years of the original 30 year sentence (and could be driving a nice Italian sports car as well).


(Intriguing Coincidence?!)



Section 4: 666 = The Perfect Storm


Mix a religious fanatic with no respect for outsiders of Catholicism.  Blend in favors for rich and politically powerful families who are staunch Catholics.  Take a kid who is entrenched in the culture, but not protected by blood.  Use that kid for favors in exchange for his own perceived prestige and a “get out of jail free” card and you get a whirlwind of explosive favoritism and cultural dogma dictating the fate of an innocent American girl in order to protect a local hooligan. 

Until Amanda and Raffaele are both declared 100% innocent, and financial restitution is paid to both of these kids, this will not be over! 



You may want to make a copy of this article, these days incriminating conjecture seems to rapidly disappear.