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SaMaPa to start music classes in Prisons

Jammu, February 15 (Scoop News) –   After the very successful 7th edition of SaMaPa Aalap Festival which also featured the first ever music concert at the Central Jai, Kotbhalwal, Jammu, SaMaPa conducted a special interactive session of the prisoners with the Music Legend Pandit Bhajan Sopori and announced that SaMaPa (Sopori Academy of Music And Performing Arts) would soon start music classes in the prison for the jail inmates.


Pandit Bhajan Sopori taking a step forward in his mission to highlight the concept of oneness and foster unity and enshrining the idea of national integration, humanism and peace, said that music therapy is the best way to canalize the brains and the musical healing touch is a must for Jail inmates. Pt. Bhajan Sopori visited the Jail premises again after the grand Santoor and Sufi concert of Pt. Sopori and young Sufi maestro Ragini Rainu that had a tranquilizing effect on the frayed nerves of the prisoners. He said he wants to create music education, reform and develop their insight, sensitivity and provide an opening to positive opinion, clarification and thoughts. He sat with the prisoners, listened to their songs, guided them, sang for them and even made them sing few with him. The prisoners spoke to Pt. Sopori, shared their thoughts and desire to learn music. Pt. Sopori promised them that he’ll create a music school under the banner of SaMaPa for them where musicians of repute will come and teach them.


Pt. Bhajan Sopori along with Abhay Rustum Sopori, the eminent Santoor Maestro & Music Composer, visited different workshops, academic section, and even barracks and blocks of the Jail interacting with the Jail inmates. They also visited the Jail kitchen where they also tried the food made for the inmates. Abhay Sopori said that the visit was intended to study the inmate’s behaviour, both psychological and physiological. He said, at a time when we are looking with an optimistic approach to build a world that is one and united full of feeling of oneness, we also need to create better human beings even from jails as it’s our duty to reform the society irrespective of barriers like religion or region. He said he wants to create an emotional bond between the society and the prisoners so that when they leave the jails they respect others and others respect them. He further added that social isolation and deprivation of civil acceptance can lead to mental and emotional breakdown. As such it’s very important that the prisoners don’t go through any social depression once they are out. Even if they are in the prisons, they deserve an emotional support. All behaviors are produced and controlled by the brain and music affects the brain to an intended behavior. So while music has its affects, a musical orchestra can also be created followed by their presentation before the society. This would have an all round effect. Sopori thanked DG Prisons Navin Agarwal, IPS for coming forward in this initiative and having a broad vision for the overall development of the inmates and the jail premises.


Rajni Sehgal, Superintendent of Prisons, was present on the occasion with the staff of the Prison and was very happy that such an initiative was being been taken by Pandit Sopori and Abhay Sopori. Soporis congratulated Sehgal for creating a good vibrant ambience in the Jail. The prisoners who were very delighted with the interaction thanked Pt. Bhajan Sopori, Abhay Sopori and Ragini Rainu for their visit and wished that the classes are started soon.