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Nita Ambani expresses reverence towards Parkash Kaur, founder – Unique Home for girls, Jalandhar

<p>Her philanthropic endeavours are in-famous tales of social benevolence and humanitarian being, and once again Nita Ambani has shown that her support for the betterment of society, its people and those who strive to make a difference in the community is a never-ending quest and a life-long purpose. Visiting Unique Home, a home for destitute girls in Jalandhar, Nita Ambani was touched by the greatness, the efforts and the work done by its founder ParkashKaur, whom she now reverentially refers to as the ‘mother of 57 girls’.</p>
<p>ParkashKaur, a simple lady of strong virtues and courage, has been running the home for destitute girls for more than 20 years now.Ever since institution of Unique Home in 1991, ParkashKaur has taken in girls who have been abandoned and has looked after their well –being and rearing as her own daughters. Having been an abandoned girl child herself, ParkashKaur understands the plight and helplessness of young girls, and hence she has dedicated her life to the difficult yet noble mission of rescuing unclaimed new-born girls and abandoned girls, and giving them a secure home and future.Nita Ambani had previously met Parkash when the latter was being conferred with an award at Real Heroes Award function organised by CNN IBN for her humanitarian deeds, in Mumbai last year. Intrigued and inspired by the courage of this brave woman, Nita decided to pay a visit to the home on Thursday.  “After coming here, I am not only touched but feel humbled by the simplicity and genuineness of ParkashKaur, who runs this home with the help of philanthropists in India and abroad”, exclaimed the first lady of corporate India.</p>
<p>Unique Home has two set ups and Nita Ambani visited both the set ups. She spent time with all 57 girls at the shelter, interacting and chatting amicably with them.  The girls presented two dance numbers for their guest and even took her to the stage for a little Dandia.</p>
<p>Movedby the warmth and love she received from the girls at Unique Home, Nita Ambani fell short of words and remarked that she has been deeply touched and impressed by the confidence ParkashKaur has been able to bestow in every girl. “She is a lamp of hope and a real hero, and coming here has been a great experience," she said.</p>